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Signs And Symptoms Of Child Abuse Affecting Anne (Case Study Sample)


child abuse


Signs and symptoms of child abuse affecting Anne.
Anne who is only ten years of age is suffering and that none of her parents are supporting her. Anne sustains several bruises on her arms and legs. This is a sign that Anne is undergoing mistreatments and punishments.
The attire that she puts on is torn and dirty. None of her parents has taken the responsibility of providing Anne with clothing as it is a role of a parent. During the conference with the teacher, Anne's mother claims that Anne is lazy and she normally makes lies so that she can be attended to.
Also during the conference, Anne couldn't dare to make an eye contact with anybody in the room. This is an implication that she is afraid of getting later penalties from her mother by revealing what she is undergoing through. Her father abuses her by not paying any attention to attend the conference as it is supposed to be fulfilled by any caring parent.
Risk factors that result in abuse in Anne's family.
Anne is undergoing abuse because of several factors that are present in their family.
Anne is afraid of revealing the mistreatments that she receives from her parents. If Anne could approach her teacher and inform him about the abuses, she should have received appropriate aid from him.
There is lack of lack of corporation among her parents. Anne's parents lack adequate cooperation in bringing up their child who is only ten. Her father couldn't show up for the conference as requested by the teacher. This is a sign that her father doesn't grant her necessary attention to meet her basic needs.
Anne's parents are drunkards. During the

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