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Case Study
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HUMAN RESOURCES (Case Study Sample)

The task was about a case study at CareRes (care RESIDENTIALs). This sample is about the Hr activities, IDENTIFYING the challenges, and which approaches used to address these challenges. In this sample, it was identified that major challenges which hindered the normal ACTIVITIES at Care Residentials are; poor recruitment and retention of staff, inadequate skilled personal care workers, and capital crisis. source..
Title of Assessment: Case study – HR Activities Student Names: Unit Code: Unit Name: Semester and Year: Assignment title: Tutor Name: Assessment 2 – PART B Introduction CareRes is entitled in offering residence to Aged individuals in Australia continent. CareRes provides homes to an estimated number of 2000 aged individuals within their 30 residential homes located in various places in Queensland, New South Wales, and Victoria. CareRes does not only provide residence to the Aged but also provide caring services; nursing services, support services, and palliative care services. The purpose of this report is to identify challenges facing workforce of CareRes, choosing of major Human Resource activities that would best address and control the challenges, it provide suggestions on how CareRes should implement the two major HR activities and steps to be taken to implement recommended activities. This report further recommends key performance indicators that need to be adopted by CareRes for efficiency and effectiveness. Challenges facing workforce of CareRes From the data obtained and analysed, it is noticed that several issues hinders successful functional and smooth running of CareRes. These challenges entails: poor recruitment and retention of staff, inadequate skilled personal care workers, and long term financial crisis. They are discussed below: Poor recruitment and retention of staff: According to Catholic Health Australia, those managing nursing services across both the acute and aged care sector face difficulties in recruiting and retaining skilled nurses in metropolitan and rural and acute facilities has hindered the provision good care services (Chenoweth et al., 2018). In any organisation or a company, both the employees and employers should enjoy mutual respect. From the findings, it indicated that ancillary staff and personal care workers lack respect from their employer and this make it difficult to retain these employees. Inadequate skilled personal care workers: Individuals who assigned duty attend to each resident lack skills to required to offer appropriate services to the aged. From Table 3 – Job satisfaction score, findings show that personal care workers are not given any opportunity to develop resulting to minimal performance of 2.0. In addition to that, personal care workers are not given academic leave. Financial crisis: Funding is the main factor in any organisation to perform any activity. CareRes find it so difficult to finance and pay their employees, cater for palliative services to the Aged. From the data captured, there is a huge amount paid for collaborative services, registered nurses. CareRes spend a lot of money to offer required services to the Aged. According to ACFA (July 2017), Australian government in the financial year 2015/2016 spend a sum amount of money $16 billion on aged service care (cited in Lemmon et al.,2018.p10). Human Resource activities to address these challenges There are several human resource activities but this report will try to major on activities that will address the challenges discussed previously: poor recruitment and retention of the staff; inadequate personal care workers; financial crisis. Human Resource activities are: recruitment of staff, supporting the employees. Ap...
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