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Considerate Rescale For Globalization And Partnership (Case Study Sample)


Strategic Management
Case Study - 2
In mid- October, at the annual general meeting of Reliance Industries ltd. Chairman Mukesh Ambani talked about 5 'fundamental strategic shifts that were underway his petrochemicals & refining Goliath. RIL will now pursue acquisition for global size & scale. That is the first major shift. The second big departure from the part is Ambani's willingness to accept partnership primarily joint ventures as way of life. The other changes involve relying on agriculture & rural sectors for growth, focusing on research & innovation & getting a global foot print in a bid to be recognized as a true Indian Multinational.
A couple of those shifts became more evident last fortnight. The head of RIL's global oil business let on at an investment summit at acquisitions of oil & gas assets, worth up to 1.5 billion dollars, where on the anvil. Around the same time, RIL signed an initial agreement with the state - run gas transporter GAIL (INDIA) Ltd. to jointly set up petrochemicals units in foreign markets. The shift towards JV's became more apparent & reports surfaced that RIL & KUWAIT petroleum was in talks to set up refining & petrochemicals units in KUWAIT. The shifts have begun. Time will tell how they changed the paradigms at RIL.
1. As a strategy professional, how do you look at these shifts?
2. What has been the experience, in general, with merger, acquisitions & joint ventures?


Student Name
Strategic Management
5th February 2018

Q1. Considerate rescale for globalization and partnership
As Castells (1987) puts it, “the space of flows is tremendously superseding space of flows”. Ruggie complements this by saying that “territory and geography itself are being done away”. So does chairman Murkish Ambani visualizes this to his RIL Company. He sees scaling up for globalization and partnering is the way to go for Reliance Industries Limited (RIL). This can be seen from the fact that national borders have become obsolete together with the deterritorialized spaces focused on borderless interactions. This approach implies decentering the function of territorial and place-specific social functions. According to Urban Studies (2008), the argument presented purely are built on the increased circulation of human, commodities, money, etc.
For RIL companies which operates majorly in Asia it means the focus basic rely on flows, circulation as well deterritorialisation from the Asian social-institutional ownership. This approach comes with two flaws. Firstly, it avoids the notion of the forms fixed and immobile territorial set ups- especially, urban agglomerations and state-controlled setups- that facilitates such tremendous moves. Second, this analysis approach works in negligence ways by which the present form of neo-liberal globalization heavily depends on, intertwined and illustrated via major changes of regionals institutions on several geographical spectra.
The management strategy that focuses on globalization at most of the time is perceived as territorialization socioeconomic and state-run institutions. Hence such a view can be seen as the presumption of medium outcome and conflictual of dynamic spatial restructuring.
In conclusion, my strategic viewpoint would be to advise Ambani to rescale in by considering the mentioned above tradeoffs in order to not loss the companies local institutionalization.
“Back Matter.” Urban Studies, vol. 45, no. 7, 2008.
Bang, Henrik, and Anders Esmark. “Good Governance in Network Society: Reconfiguring the Political from Politics to Policy.” Administrative Theory & Praxis, vol. 31, no. 1, 2009, pp. 7–37.

Q2. General experience of Mergers, Acquisition and Joint venture
Balakrishnan and Koza (1993), view joint ventures as a technique to bring down the transaction fee incurred when buying other firms. The foresee joint venture as a preferred candidate in the case where the potential target and the buyer come from different industries in which for this scenarios the cost of a transaction is high. Contrary the costs would be low in the situation where the acquirer emanate from the same company
In the past years, there has been an increasing number of strategic alliances. Drucker (1995) propose that the biggest transformation in business is the way in which business is done nowadays with most focusing on partnership. Several objectives have been forwarded to illustrate firms’ intentions for the formation of partnership, such as reduction of risk, market access, and search for legitimacy (Contractor etl, 1988; Harrigan, 1986; Kogut, 1988). In this paper, I will give the general experience of the merger, joint venture, and acquisition strategic alliances.
The joint venture is a joint leg...
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