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Case Analysis In Psychology: Determine The Inmate's Personality (Case Study Sample)


case analysis on psychology


Case Analysis in Psychology (vignette)
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A warden is requesting for an evaluation using psychological test on an inmate to determine the inmate's personality regarding his threat to the safety of the public before granting parole. The warden argues that the evaluation should be done without informing the prisoner. The warden claims that the inmate might shun the assessment if informed of its purpose. It is important to note that the warden's request should not be completed. The covert evaluation should not be completed as it denies the inmate his fundamental right of informed consent. It is essential to observe that use of psychological knowledge and skills on critical issues such as determining the danger an individual poses to the public requires adherence to the ethical principle of informed consent. However, the moral law is only exempted in exceptional cases; the mental health medical standards dictate that covert evaluation should only be performed during an emergency. According to Sommers & (2017) an emergency is defined as life-threatening situations that could result in internal disorder and peril of escape.
The professional standards of a health worker do not allow them to deviate from the set rules in any situation. It is essential to observe that confidentiality and informed consent are the foundations of the practice of psychology and maintenance of professional image (Sommers &, 2017). Therefore, psychologist should strictly abide by the guiding practice principles. Additionally, the mental health standards do not provide for situations where the professional standards can be avoided. Therefore, the psychologist will not undertake the covert evaluation as it undermines the validity of the documented standards and ethics. It is important to note that the assessment will be conducted when the establishing mental health standards and ethics are observed (Scott, 2017).
However, the warden's request would be completed if the psychologist was not a member of the American Psychologist Association. The association establishes strict standards and ethics that members must strictly observe. It is critical to note that deviation from the professional standards is punishable (Scott, 2017). When psychologists work against the set standards, they are banned as members of the association and their license to practice withdrawal. Therefore, when a psychologist is not a member of APA, he will execute a covert evaluation without fear of losing membership and authority to exercise. Additionally, the psychologist would consider logical reasoning to access whether to evaluate not. In this case, t

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