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General Psychology (Case Study Sample)

Amount of work: 2 pages Double Subject: Sociology Type of paper: Essay Type of work: Writing from scratch Paper Format: Other Academic Level: Bachelor Sources needed: No specific sources required General Psychology I left a PDF of the instructions down below, please let me know if you have any questions! source..
General Psychology Student’s Name Institutional Affiliation Instructor’s Name Date of Submission General Psychology Which research method was used (case history, survey, naturalistic observation, psychological tests, laboratory observation, or experiment)? The research method used in the research is psychological tests. Psychological tests involve a series of assessments that psychologists conduct to help them understand a person’s functioning and behaviors to arrive at a specific diagnosis and treatment plan. In most cases, psychological tests help psychologists to understand their clients’ functioning and behavior to ensure that they make informed decisions upon the diagnosis of a given health issue as well as the corresponding treatment. In this regard, a psychological assessment helps the psychologist to obtain critical information regarding how certain people feel, think, react, and behave. The findings can then be used to make informed decisions and recommend the best treatment plan for a given patient. Precisely, psychological tests are structured assessments whose results can be used to describe an individual’s personality. The test is usually very accurate since it can be used to determine people’s personality differences. Psychological tests are usually objective and systematic assessments that determine an individual’s behavioral and emotional abilities that ultimately characterize their behaviors. Psychological tests differ from multiple-choice questions since experts utilize information from multiple assessments and evaluations to make certain informed decisions regarding the diagnosis and recovery plan. Such tests do not rely on the one-size-fits-all approach since psychologists can rely on other various types of measurements and evaluations. Identify the information in the scenario that supports your reasoning. Elena gave each of the groups several choices, leaving the other group without numerous choices to determine who performed well on the math examination. This implies that Elena gave one of the groups several options to choose from while others were left without. The study results were reflected in their performance. What ethical guidelines would need to be followed to conduct this study? Conducting assessments on human subjects are challenging and often extremely unique since the process of observing and interviewing people involves certain ethical issues. Therefore, researchers must comply with the existing ethical standards guiding psychology testing to avoid breaching the law. Researchers must adhere to ethical standards in psychology testing by establishing clear protocols to be followed and ensuring that they work with the research subjects respectfully without harm and keeping their information confidential. Researchers must keep the information regarding research subjects private and they need to defend the quality of their work and involve all the participants in the research process to avoid potential biases. Psychologists must comply with the domestic and international legal codes to ensure that their practices are research-based and follow specific criteria that involve ethical codes of standards. For example, psychologists have the sole responsibility to administer psychologica...
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