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Coping With Death Among the Jewish Community (Case Study Sample)


The literature review on Coping with Death Among the Jewish Community is an in-depth analysis of the cultural, spiritual, and psychological factors that influence how Jewish individuals and communities deal with death and bereavement. The task of the literature review was to examine the existing research and literature on Jewish death rituals, mourning practices, and beliefs about the afterlife, as well as the ways in which these cultural traditions intersect with contemporary approaches to grief and loss. The literature review explored a range of topics, including the importance of community support and religious guidance in coping with death, the role of tradition and ritual in the grieving process, and the unique challenges faced by Jewish individuals and families when navigating end-of-life issues. Overall, the goal of the literature review was to provide a comprehensive overview of the Jewish approach to death and bereavement, with insights into the complexities of this multifaceted topic.


Coping with Death Among the Jewish Community: A Literature Review
Research Topic Template
Step 2.1

Step 2.2

Step 2.3

Step 2.4

Gender dysphoria and mental health

Gender dysphoria and mental health

Gender dysphoria

Gender dysphoria

The link between discrimination on poor mental health in the LGBTQ community

Discrimination and poor mental health in LGBTQ groups

Societal discrimination


Role of Harassment in poor mental health among the LGBTQ

Harassment and LGBTQ mental health

Gender-based intimidation


Relationship between family rejection and poor mental health among members of the LGBTQ community

Family Rejection and poor mental health in LGBTQ Groups

Family abandonment or estrangement


Fear of violence as a contributor to poor mental health in the LGBTQ community

Violence and poor mental health in LGBTQ Groups

Fear of violence


Target Population

The LGBTQ Community

Research Question
What does the literature in psychology tell us about the contribution of a combination of societal discrimination and gender dysphoria to poor mental health among the members of the LGBTQ community?
Anderson, R. E., Tarasoff, L. A., VanKim, N., & Flanders, C. (2021). Differences in rape acknowledgment and mental health outcomes across transgender, nonbinary, and cisgender bisexual youth. Journal of interpersonal violence, 36(13-14), NP7717-NP7739.
This article starts by recognizing that rape is a form of violence that harms one's mental health. The findings revealed a profound prevalence of sexual violence and rape acknowledgment in the LGBTQ community. Participants completed several online questionnaires about their history of sexual victimization, mental health outcomes (anxiety, PTSD, and depression), and constructs pertinent to the minority stress theory (internalized bisexual negativity, level of outness, links to the LGBTQ community). The study showed that acknowledgment of sexual violence was associated with increased anxiety, PTSD symptoms, and depression and that “outness” has become a way of acknowledging rape.
Biggs, M. (2020). Puberty blockers and suicidality in adolescents suffering from gender dysphoria. Archives of sexual behavior, 49(7), 2227-2229.
This article sets out to recognize gender dysphoria as a significant factor in poor mental health among adolescent LGBTQ individuals. It goes on to debunk the claims made by earlier studies that puberty blockers reduce suicidal thoughts in adolescents diagnosed with gender dysphoria. According to these findings, gender dysphoria, once diagnosed, is so hardwired that puberty blockers would do little to reduce its detrimental influence on the individual's mental wellbeing.
Clark, K. A., Cochran, S. D., Maiolatesi, A. J., & Pachankis, J. E. (2020). Prevalence of bullying among youth classified as LGBTQ who died by suicide

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