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Analysis of Kelly Walcott (Case Study Sample)


The task involved evaluating given course readings and materials, then emerging with a case study. The case study targeted a young individual, in this case Kelly Walcott, a 15 years old teenager. One had to develop er case, mention the conomic, social and welfare status of her family and the issues that affected her. Further details had to be gathered from the filled in form illusstrating her behavior and performance both at home and school. The case study was to prepare her for counselling sessions that would help her get back on track, away from any unsuitable behavior.


Analysis of Kelly Walcott
Kelly Walcott is a 15-year-old teenager from Baltimore city. She lives with her family of ten people, some of whom are in and out of the family. They live in a three-bedroom apartment in downtown Baltimore. Kelly is the fifth born, and she was the eldest child living with the family until early last year. The other three younger siblings are Ian, 10, nelly, 7, and Julian, 4. Her father has always been a drug peddler and has been on and off jail since she met him. He is violent and could often beat all of them up, mostly when under the influence of drugs. He is currently under incarceration and serving a three-year sentence for drugs trafficking. Kelly's mother, Ms. Natasha, is an economist graduate but was fired at her previous work for turning up drunk. Ms. Natasha now works at the local mall for up to two shifts to support her family. She is often drunk and quarreling with the neighbors and her workmates. Kelly was sent to foster care after a recommendation from local social workers and the police for substance abuse and involvement in gang activity.
           Kelly is a bright and determined girl. She performs well and outshines her class when studying appropriately without any hindrances. Kelly also likes dancing and has previously performed at the local theatre with her neighborhood friends. Her adolescent development tempts her to try new things and associate with peer groups. The groups she associates with determining her character and behavior. Urban youths experience various challenges resulting from substance abuse, peer pressure, gangs, and involvement in violence. My role as a Social worker with the "Redesigning Minds" organization is to offer girls like Kelly therapy to aid her to overcome adverse adolescent’s effects. Redesigning Minds targets adolescents with delinquency and deviant behaviors, especially in urban settings such as Baltimore City.
           Kelly's family is a poor one that struggles to survive and attain basic needs. The father is incarcerated, and the mother has to work two shifts to support the family. They were evicted from the last two apartments for non-payment of rent. The elder siblings have also not gotten a chance to venture into college due lack of money. Two elder brothers are already incarcerated, one for robbery with violence and the other for drug trafficking. Kelly's overall welfare seems poor; she is malnourished and prefers to keep to herself. She rarely talks or shares her problems with anyone.

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