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Application and Technology Architecture (Case Study Sample)

The assignment required an analysis of the needs of Reliable Pharmaceuticals to design an appropriate technology and application architecture for the company. The attached paper presents the findings and a recommendation of the technology needs that the company should adopt. source..
Reliable Pharmaceuticals Application Plan Name University Date Reliable Pharmaceuticals Application Plan Application architecture plan Web application architectures should be flexible to enable an organization implement its business strategies effectively. As a matter of fact, the application architecture needs to conform to the requirements of fast changing business environment. Reliable pharmaceuticals case is an example of a plan that needs to focus on the vital aspects of the company. These are production, development, planning, human resource management and distribution. Most importantly, the architecture should focus on the areas that directly impact profitability and retention of its competitive advantage in accordance with the strategic plan (Shelly and Rosenblatt 2012). According to data available on the company, it is apparent that improving operations and reliability are core issues. In this regard, the company needs a system that will ease patient information management, drug ordering and billing as well as delivery management. The application interface is arranged in such a way that the various offices in the new areas are closely monitored by the central organization. At the center of the architecture is the management. In order to manage this plan, Reliable pharmaceuticals needs to acquire Barracuda’s web application controller products. Given the fact that the plan should be used for five years, the features of this product are resilient. For instance, it integrates company web traffic control abilities such as caching, load balancing and compression. The system will use web applications to execute the above plan. Security issues are constant problems systems analysts consider, with this in mind, Barracuda web application controller is ideal because it integrates various web security and logon features for safe web use. The clients in this plan are the pharmacists, clerical officers and patients.  The company will update the provisions of this plan as the needs grow. The possible areas for improvement are operations in puts and outputs especially delivery logs, patient records and system back up. Technology architecture Improving company performance is one major aspect that Reliable Pharmaceuticals Company needs to implement. The core issues to resolve include distributing business applications over the internet. This involves creating company database that has vital information on not only the employees but also the patients and company products. Secondly, the company needs to create a web portal for its core business processes such as product ordering, customer relations applications and ultimately moving business solution processes such as accounting, human resource and information management. Reliable Pharmaceuticals Company has to implement a technology plan that will ensure smooth operations of the fundamental departments for the next five years. The basic consideration the technology plan has to take into account is the changes in technology. In essence, the technological needs of the company may not necessarily increase but new developments are likely to occur before the five...
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