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Network Security (Case Study Sample)


Analysis and discussion of a case where a certain company claims that its network was compromised by a connection from another company\'s network. How should both companies proceed? Who should be involved? and Why?

Network Security Case
Network security is a very thorny issue in internet connections today (Major case #1. n.d). With the advancement that has been observed in computer technology, there has been also increasing rate of cyber crimes that are aimed at putting down systems and embarrassing the users of these systems. Cyber crimes have increased tremendously in the current past and they are some of the threats to network security and the use of the internet. The cyber crimes that are very profound include hacking into a network and accessing the information which the person committing the crime is not authorized to gain access to. Another extensive cyber crime is Denial of Service attacks whereby the attacker users some software like computer virus or bugs to circulate in the website he intends to bring down thus denying the users of network the chance to access the network or website.
In a situation where a company A claims that its network is being compromised by a connection from another company’s B network, the situation should be handled with much care and concern. This is to say that the rival company B should be investigated thoroughly to prove the operation it is undertaking that makes the connection of company’s B network. This is most likely to be a case of denial of service whereby Company B is undertaking an operation on A’s website making the connection become weaker hence not available to its users all the time. This case should be investigated since it is most likely that the rival company is carrying out a cyber attack on the other company’s website making it be unreliable and its connection to weaken and making it unavailable to users and eventually resulting to total crush (Major case #1. n.d).
This case should involve all parties concerned, the two rival teams together with the police and FBI experts to determine the activities that company B carries out (Major case #1. n.d). The police and cyber attack experts will be able to determine whether the company being claimed to bring down its rival’s website is responsible for any of the allegations being made against it. The reasons for the connection of the network of company A going down should be determined and investigated whether the people responsible are in any way connected to the rival company B.
Determination of the responsible persons or group for this crime is a very involving task which will involve both parties and it might need time to determine and get the truth. The investigations might span some substantial duration ...
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