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Building Capabilities at the Westward Hilton (Case Study Sample)


Case 2: Building Capabilities at the Westward Hilton
1. What are the competitive advantages of the Westward Hilton? Are any of Westward’s advantages sustainable? Are the human resource practices and corporate culture easy for competitors to imitate?
2. What are some of the ramifications of choosing to sell the hotel? What are some of the consequences of choosing to retain the hotel in the portfolio?
3. Are Hiller’s general business strategy (buying distressed, undervalued properties and turning them around for eventual sale) and their human resource (HR) strategy compatible? Are the general business strategy and the mission statement compatible?


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The hospitality industry is facing major growth challenges the global economic crisis in 2008. The significant social and economic changes since then have affected hotel bookings, restaurant and sports activities all around the world. Hence, hotels had to adjust to such dynamic challenges and shift their building capabilities to meet their business needs. One of the major hotel businesses that have faced considerable performance challenges is Westward Hilton Hotel until it was repossessed by the Hiller Hotels, (Dale, 2013).The management of Hiller Hotels sought to change the tactical plan of the hotel and turn its long period of losing making into a modern hotel destination. The hotel offers primary lodge services, gym services, and conference services. This essay will evaluate the building capability of Westward Hilton by evaluating several areas of performance positioning and growth.
Question One
Competitive Advantages
Human resources- Westward Hilton possess among the effective human resources system where employees are the backbone of excellent performance. Their inputs and values are highly recognized by the management.
Customer experience-Customer experience is the foundation of any hotel successes, if customer relations and experience are top notch, then good results are on the way. Currently, Westward Hilton has a great reputation among its customers.
Corporate culture- The hotel possesses one of the most effective corporate cultures spearheaded by the operations manager, Mr. Green. Green presents a corporate culture that values employee participation
The human resource is the largest vantage point for the hotel; hence it’s highly flexible to promote the best from each employee. The greatest contribution comes from the manager as he seeks to ensure that employees are well treated, highly trained and perceived in order for them to contribute their best to the success of Westward. The corporate culture ensures that even new management ensures the dignity of employees and hotel prospects, (Enz, 2010). Customer experience is built on serving with high value and regard customers and providing regular customers with customized services to keep their loyalty.
The human resources practices plus corporate culture can easily be imitated. Competitors will just look at what the hotel is right and employ them to stay at par in the competition. But such imitation is within to a certain level, as employee appraisal and nondiscrimination; guest direct communication cultures are based on the personality of the management in place, (Enz, 2010).
Question Two
Selling the Hotel
* It will affect one of the stakeholders of the hotel
* It will affect stakeholder attachment to the hotel
* Reduced benefits from the portfolio
Effects on the portfolio
* Continued healthy benefits
* Losing a good market opportunity
Question 3
Yes. A distressed and undervalued hotel possesses employees who are depressed and well below thei...
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