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Flair Airlines Business & Marketing Case Study Paper (Case Study Sample)


The functions of flair airline and how such activities affect the success rate of the company


Student’s Name
Flair Airline
Pros and Cons of Adding New B737-800 Fleet
The inclusion of a new B737-800 fleet in flair airline presents several benefits to the organization including low fuel consumption, a larger capacity, and increased speed, which will lead to high operational efficiency. Replacing B737-400 with B737-800 is a good strategy for the company since the new operational advantage will allow the team to keep providing low-cost transports to Canadians. B737-800 has a larger capacity than B737-400; therefore, the operators will be able to serve a larger number of clients thus resulting in improved levels of income. Additionally, the firm’s leadership will save a lot of money on fuel consumption which will allow the management to actualize the company’s dream of a low-cost carrier. On the other hand, leasing of B737-800 fleet will increase the operational cost of the firm which might interfere with the company’s ability to maintain its low fares for consumers. Moreover, hiring and training crew to operate the new aircraft will impact negatively on the organization's finances.[Flair Airlines, “Flair Airlines reports 92 percent load factor for summer 2019," Flair Airlines. Press Release, September 6, 2019,, accessed January 26, 2020] [“Boeing 737-800,” Rocket Route (January 2020), Accessed January 26, 2020, from] [Eva Enderizalova et al., "operating lease as a specific form of airline outsourcing," 18th International Science Conference Business Logistics in Modern Management (October 2018): 648.]

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