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the sample contains 2500-word report on the customer experience (CX) strategy of a chosen company product/SERVICE. The report is based on the customer experience strategy of Apple, a multinational technology company in the US. The chosen product IS MACBOOK, and the business management of the company in the UK market was analyzed in the report. source..
CUSTOMER EXPERIENCE STRATEGY Table of Contents TOC \o "1-3" \h \z \u 1. Introduction PAGEREF _Toc135929448 \h 32. Importance of customer experience PAGEREF _Toc135929449 \h 33. Consumer persona PAGEREF _Toc135929450 \h 44. Mapping the customer journey PAGEREF _Toc135929451 \h 55. Omnichannel marketing PAGEREF _Toc135929452 \h 66. CX performance metrics PAGEREF _Toc135929453 \h 77. CX processes in different industries PAGEREF _Toc135929454 \h 88. Conclusion PAGEREF _Toc135929455 \h 10References PAGEREF _Toc135929456 \h 11 1. Introduction The report is based on the customer experience strategy of Apple, a multinational technology company in the US (, 2023). The product is the MacBook, and the business management of the company in the UK market is going to be analyzed. Customer experience, persona creation, performance metrics, and comparison with different industries are present. 2. Importance of customer experience Customer experience is the customers’ perceptions, and feeling related to the interaction with suppliers, employees, systems, products, or any service-providing companies. Customer experience reflects an impact on the popularity or demand of a company or brand or product or service. As opined by Hoyer et al. (2020), employees or suppliers give efforts to maintain customer experience properly because it can improve the demand or it can be effective for low popularity in the market. Apple is a company in the US and the efficiency of Apple in maintaining business in the UK can be measured on the basis of customer experience. Apple can be benefited from customer experience maintenance by improving the selling rate of the MacBook, it can minimize competition, relationships with customers can be maintained, the preferences and journeys of customers can be known, and improvements in MacBook can be done (Keiningham et al. 2020). Competition is very effective for Apple because in the UK there are other technology companies like Samsung, Huawei, Motorola, Xiaomi, and Google. The best customer experience can be effective in minimizing the competition and Apple has a 52.05% market share in the UK and improved customer experience can be effective for business growth. Sales of Apple in the UK in 2022 is 95 million U.S. Dollars and 24% of people are using MacBook in the UK and with great customer experience maintenance the percentage and selling rate can be increased. This increment can be beneficial for increasing Macbook usage and that is important for Apple to develop business management (McColl-Kennedy et al. 2019). Customers’ preferences for MacBooks can be seen from the demand in the UK and the analysis shows that 6.5 million MacBooks are sold in Q3 of 2021. Customer experience can be effective for Macbook to increase its demand and relationships with customers can be improved. Apple can be benefited from customer experience maintenance and the sale of MacBook can be increased in the UK market. Figure 1: MacBook Usage Rate (Source: Kunst, 2023) 3. Consumer persona Consumer persona is a fictional profile that helps to understand the particular targeted customer and it is important for gathering information about the most suitable and important customers for service or product (Rajesh, 2023). A customer persona is very effective in maintaining customer experience strategies as it helps to distillate the key customers according to the service and product and it is important for maintaining marketing and important factors. Identification of the targeted and key customers is useful to maintain the marketing factors according to the targeted customers’ preferences and demands (Lee and Lee, 2020). Rima, 22 Demographics Female, Age - 22, Lives in London, Unmarried, Revenue: $65000/month Goals and Motivation * She wants to become a cartoon artist with great concepts, and for that, she is working under a company in animation and graphic design post * She wants to use different technologies and gadgets * She has the motive to increase her animation and graphic designing skills for better art Pain Points * She has no advanced laptop to increase her efficiency in the art * She has to face problems in maintaining work maintenance through her laptop * Her skills are not developing due to an issue with her laptop Common Objection * She needs an advanced technological laptop * Availability of the laptop should be high Interests * She wants to improve her art skills and become a cartoon artist and she has to minimize the issues that are related to the current laptop 4. Mapping the customer journey Customer journey indicates the complete experience of customers with an organization and there are different stages in customer journey maintenance (Alvarez et al. 2020). The customers of Apple have different experiences with the employees and it can reflect an impact on the sales of products. Customer journey is important for maintaining customer experience because it helps to understand the whole process of purchasing and it is effective for increasing the popularity of MacBook (Bradley et al. 2021). Stages of Journey * Information gathering is the first stage to gather knowledge about different products * The decision to create is the second stage to compare different products * Brainstorming is the third stage to analyze the fulfillment of goals * Creation is the fourth stage to finalizing MacBook * Validating is the last stage to confirm the efficiency of the MacBook Activities * Awareness is important for gathering information about various products * Consideration is done to analyze different but similar products * The decision is effective in discussing the efficiency of the MacBook * Retention is to select and finalizing MacBook * Advocacy is to reconsider the choice of MacBook Feelings and needs * Frustration is seen while searching for products * Delight is seen when a preferable product is selected * Neutrality is seen while purchasing the product Potential opportunities for improvement * Social media can be effective in understanding the customers' preferences * Free services should be given by Apple for experience * Personalized service can be effective for MacBook in-demand maintenance 5. Omnichannel marketing Omnichannel Marketing is a strategy which involves the integration of various “channels” and “touchpoints” so that a seamless and consistent customer experience can be provided to the consumer (Akter et al., 2021). It helps in providing the customer with a standard experience in both the online and offline modes. In omnichannel marketing, the company aims to engage the customer so that a smooth interaction can occur between the consumer and the brand (Massi, et al., 2023). The role of customisation is very important in Omnichannel Marketing. It helps in tailoring the experience of the customer to their preference and needs. Customisation involves messages as per the personality of the customer and providing specific offers so that their journey becomes more effective (Villanova et al., 2021). This type of customisation is done with the help of data and insights that were gained from the customers. This customisation specifically triggers the customer and increases the engagement level and the convention rates for the company. 5.1 Physical Touchpoints The sale of MacBooks is available through physical retail stores so that the customers can physically feel the experience of customer service of Apple. Demo units are staged in the store so that the customer can engage more with the product (Prior, 2023). Stores have a clean and consistent design and cheerful lighting which makes the customer familiar with the design and has them identified across all the online and offline media (Isotalo, 2021). For Apple company, the primary channel for sales is the official online Apple Store. This store has a standard clean design and allows the customer to conveniently browse and purchase the products online. In the case of MacBook, the website provides proper details and information so that the customer make an informed decision. The UI/UX of the website is very smooth and has a responsive design. The payment system of the website is also effective which makes the payment process very fast adding to the conversion rate of the company. 5.2 Emotional Touchpoints Apple employs various strategies to trigger the emotions of the consumers for the product positively. Through its keynote speeches, Apple connects with customer and make them feel like a part of the Apple community. The most popular keynote was given in the year 2007 during the introduction of the iPhone (Niessen, 2021). Till today Apple touches the attention of the customer by holding this launch speech and making them part of the innovations. The marketing team of the company has marketed MacBook as a product with design first approach, which stands for innovation and Technical edge. This connects with the consumers such that they feel they are part of the design-driven philosophy of Apple. 5.3 Logical Touchpoints Apple has many internal processes related to business that turns the logical sense of the customer. Through the Apple park, Apple highlights the volume of work it handles showcasing the large profit of the company. The profit of the company in the year 2022 was 394.3 billion US dollars (Laricchia, 2023). For the particular case of MacBook, new updates are launched within short intervals. The new design of MacBook Air not only targets the technical individuals but through its advanced touch screen, it also targets the graphic designers. The product enables design without extra periphery devices like a Wattpad. This showcases the various functionalities of the product. 6. CX performance metrics With the help of Customer Performance Metrics, the company can make its strategies related to the experiences of the cu...
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