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Marketing Plan Development Exercise (Case Study Sample)


You are required to prepare an outline marketing plan based on the SOSTAC model by PR Smith. You should use the University as a case study. Your existing knowledge can be supplemented by visiting the university website


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Marketing Plan Development Exercise
1 How success will look in three to five years in the absence of any obstacles.
* In the absence of any obstacles, success at the University of South Wales will be equipped with the power of information. The academic environment will be equipped with various technologies that support information. This may be through various university apps that will help the learners navigate course registration, admission, integration of outdoor and indoors, and wayfinding applications to various lecture rooms and other constructions within the school.
* Provision of centralized and personal digital experience.
In three to five years, the University of South Wales will have a centralized and personalized digital experience (Chaffey and Smith, 2017). This technique will be attained through initiating good digital engagement, tailoring information, and the inclusion of a data-driven approach that will be key in tailoring information to the various users of the digital platform.
* Going mobile is the other way success will look like at the University of South Wales in five years and absence of any obstacle. This may be achieved through the eradication of paperwork, printings, and full embracement of mobile handouts.
2 How success look like on and off-campus to the University of South Wales
* The presence of peer institutions is one way of how success will look on and off-campus. By establishing peer institutes at the University of South Wales, the learners will have insight into the navigation of academic performance and improvement in their responsibilities, including time management and useful study. The peer institutes will also be important in institutions' assessment and benchmarking on the criteria used in student's selection, based on students' characteristics.
* The presences of funding agencies describe the other way success looks both on and off-campus. Through good and enough funding agencies, the University of South Wales will have improved outcomes, increased graduation rate, higher test scores, and improvement in other indicators on the students' achievements. Increased funding agencies also enable the learning institute to have more curriculum options and improved facilities.
* The presence of Alumni also describes success on campus, especially the South Wales University. The Alumni help build the learners through better career opportunities and education opportunities. Similarly, they are associated with the provision of financial support to the learners.
3 Goals that would help achieve success
* Enhancement of the students' support. This may be through the offering of emergency services, assisting the learners with transport, housing, and food. This initiative will help the learners meet the various challenges they face and prevent them from dropping out of the institution.
* Fostering a success-oriented mindset and sense of belonging is the other goal that will be key in meeting a success. This may be through connecting the learners to the facility and various advisors. It will also involve giving the Alumni a sense of belonging and connecting them to the facility.
* Removal of the institutions' obstacles to success is the other way of ensuring that the University of South Wales attain success. This may be by eradicating the various steep barriers to entry in the organization and refusing to accept various funding agencies' bids and credits into the institution.
* Through a programmed notification of various activities within the organization and increased use of data, data-informed proactive advising may be effective in attaining success.
* Expansion of access to experimental learning activities may also help the institution attain success.
4 Strengths
* Some of the University of South Wales's success entailed the three awards it won in the line of diversity and equality, marketing excellence, and cyber education. The university also won the advancing staff equality category by recognizing its fair play project that worked in the creation of a culture of inclusivity t the guardian university awards.
* The University of South Wales succeeds because of its focus on embracing inclusivity and diversity among the instructors and students at the institution. The institution also succeeds through various funding agencies' contributions that help support the institutions' numerous projects and the learner's well-being.
* The factors that contribute to the Universities success comprise the people within the organization that are envisioned to succeed, the reputation of the system, the various multiple courses offered by the organization, and the accommodative system to all the people involved.
* The shareholders would say that the University of South Wales has its strength based on the top five percent ranking of the universities worldwide. According to the stakeholders, the other strengths will be based on the excellent employability records, high-quality courses, and award-winning lectures.
5 Weaknesses
* Some of the weaknesses that the university of south wales may be experiencing include lack of brand communication strategy, and strategic marketing, especially when seeking new enrollments and other activities within the institution. Low retention, completion, and students learning are other weaknesses. Lastly, a decline in enrollment is the other weakness attributed to programs lacking clear alignments and increased competition.
* The shareholders may agree with various identified weaknesses, especially on poor communication strategy, but not on reduced enrollment since the number of students has been steadily improving despite being lower than the expectations. The stakeholders may also never agree with the reduced outcome and student retention since the institution is ranked among the best worldwide.
* To change the situation, the University of South Wales should ensure that they take advantage of online communication strategies. The institution should also ensure that they offer programs that they are best known for and neglect the ones that are not clear.
* The people are the ones key in contributing to the weakness of acting incompetent in their duties, including communicating on behalf of the institution, instructors not being competitive in other courses, and lack of open communication to help in retaining the students.
6 Opportunities
* The University of South Wales should focus on or take a chance to increase university students' increased growth and enroll more students, especially international students. The institution should also make use of increased advertisement sites, especially online advertisement strategies. The institution should also accept various funding agencies and seek funds from non-education institutions to make the university successful. Lastly, the use of Alumni is the other opportunity that the university must be aware of and use in attaining success. This may be through alumni career advice, financial support, and various projects within the institution.
* The various trends and changes in the marketplace that might present an opportunity to the University of south wales include online classes, especially for part-time learners and international students. This will make the university have increased admission and retention. Taking advantage of the various marketing agencies to market and make communication on the university will help sell the university internationally and increase intake (Elavarasan et al., 2020). The last change that may help the university has a specialty in strength is the south wales university of Linguistics, or technology, or agriculture. Lastly, the university may embrace diverse languages by having instructors able to teach multi-linguist learners.
* These opportunities can be taken advantage of by communing with a proposal that invites the embracing of the opportunities and immerses them into the institution. The opportunities can also be taken advantage of by seeking funds to improve advertisement, employing multi-linguist instructors, and seeking the support of the UK education department.
7 Threats
* The Uni

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