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Prepare Analysis Of Photograph In Engineering Design (Case Study Sample)




Photograph and Analysis
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Photograph and Analysis
The Myer Photo on Fashion
Fashion is a popular practice or a style of clothing, accessories, makeup, footwear or furniture that is used for a particular period (Faerm, 2010, p.2). Although, clothes are used to keep us warm, they also serve other functions like fitting the customs and norms applicable in any society. Fashions can also be used to mean a style of a specific language or behavior and also fashions have been used as nonverbal communication media. In many cases, fashions are described as trends since they change faster than the entire culture (Faerm, 2010, p.5). For example, fashion in the clothing industries have evolved over the years from, long dresses and later to miniskirts while bell bottoms are seen as examples of changed clothes items. Although, there is those old clothes fashion that come back again and which are referred to as classics, for example, the khaki pants, simple dresses, and the polo shirts. In clothing, eye makeup, hats, hair styles, shoes and jewelry are combined to make the fashion more image and make it a total effect.
Thesis Statement
Critical analysis of the Myer Photo.
Description of the Photo
The photo represents taken in front of the leading Myer clothes supplies. The photo contains the name of the shop which is clearly seen (Thomas, 5, p.2). Also, there are different statues wearing some of the types of clothes (fashions) that are dealt with. From the first photo, the man dressed in a black suit shows that the shop deals with male official wears and that why the statue is dressed in men suits. The second portrait of a lady wearing a red blouse and stockings show that the shop also deals with the casual wears for ladies. The center statue shows that the presence of men casual wears since we can see a man wearing a shot and a casual shirt. The fourth statue of a woman wearing a red official blouse and a formal trouser is an indication that the store also deals with the official attire for women (Faerm, 2010, p.5). Finally, the statue of a lady wearing a complete set of uniform shows that the stores also sales uniforms. The photo also captures different people inside the store choosing different fashions from the store. Also, the company trademark and the vision is clearly seen in the photo as “TOPMARK” and also the photo shows the outside of the building and generally, the collider and the roofing of the stores (Marissa & Aram, 2005, p.15).
Analysis of the Photograph and the Coursework.
The photograph uses symbolic statues to show the different type of clothes available in the store; this is a clear indication that photograph uses the act of creativity to come up with the correct stature for the specific dressing code (Jeffrey, 2015, p.1). Hence, from the photo above the following effects to the economy can be discussed the creative industry of the fashion designs. Creation of employment opportunities, for example, the picture creates jobs to the painters, the statues producers, the manufacture of the signal messages among others. Also, it can be seen that the size of the store is large enough, this can be derived from the different types of fashions in the statutes, the entrance of the building, the many customers and clothes seen inside the store and this can be used to estimate the different transactions that are involved in the stores. Hence, with the various designs of the clothes available in the store, it shows that the business is performing well and different customers get their need satisfied in the premises hence a sign of great economic activities on the buildings (Adam, 2013, p.10).
From the picture, it can be noted that there exist high creativity in the photograph has impacted much on the society, for example, different people are capable of having different fashions in the shop hence it has high influence in the fashion of the citizens. With the availability of different fashions, it makes the world a better place since each and every person can enjoy their taste and preference of what they like most without failure since the premises provides different taste.
Also, there is the presence of culture in the photograph since we can notice that different designs of clothes are available for example suits for office culture and casual for other functions hence there is a high connection of culture in the photo. The photograph creates an understanding of different activities that are carried inside the store and also the photo can be used to create entertainment in the sense where one can take the time to study the photo in details.
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