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Student To Create An Overview Of The Workplace Approach To OHS (Case Study Sample)


The paper requires the student to create an Overview of the Workplace Approach to OHS


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Overview of the Workplace Approach to OHS
Over the last ten years, the Apple Company has grown to become one of the most powerful companies in the world of technology and innovation spanning over generations and cutting across continents and geographical locations. The Giant American tech company represents innovation, creativity, and quality at its best. The company is prolifically known for its novelty, regarding technological creation, unique product experiences, and designs. The Apple Company has quickly grown to become one of the most sought after entities by both consumers of her products and investors alike. The portfolios of these investors have well been served by holding firm to the company. The company has had a fair share of negative media publicity due to emergent issues that surround the company's overseas assembly plant in China that have been known to seek cheap child labor and at the same time subject the workers to tough working and living conditions. Like any other technology company, the Apple Company has had her fair share of the issues that touch on suppliers and management of resources. Despite the gloom, though the company remains one of the most socially responsible businesses in the world and this essay is an analysis of the same.
Overview of the Workplace and its Approaches to OHS
Apple Company is an American technology conglomerate that specializes in the creation, design, and manufacture of technological tools like desktop computers, laptop computers, smartphones, tablets, iPods and the sale of online computer services via subscription. The company was founded by Ronald Wayne, Steve Jobs, and Steve Wozniak in the year 1976 with the sole purpose of selling and creating personal computers CITATION Agg15 \l 1033 (Aggarwal, 2015). Steve Jobs is the most popular of the founders for the pivotal role that he played in the starting of the company. The Company was incorporated as Apple Computers Inc. in 1977. The company headquarters is in Cupertino, California. Other products under the belt of the company include the Apple smart watch, Apple TV, software media player and a web browser CITATION Ald151 \l 1033 (Aldrich et al., 2015). About revenue, the Apple Company is the largest technology company of information, and it is the largest technology company regarding total assets.
With a highly versatile mobile market, the technology industry remains one of the most risky businesses to invest in yet one of the most rewarding at the same time. Several factors pit the Apple Company at the top of the pyramid of the world leaders in computer manufacturers and innovators CITATION Als15 \l 1033 (Alshubiri, 2015). The Company employs effective research into the needs of the market, superior design, innovation, and marketing strategies to get their products to their consumers. The use of effective research and innovation ensures that their consumers always have something to look up to with every new launch CITATION Ans16 \l 1033 (Ansari & Hasan, 2016). For a long time, fans of personal computers enjoyed buying their parts and putting them together on their own. Alshubiri (2015), posits that at the same time, makers of PCs were building standard hardware's and software to be assembled into Personal Computers. The Apple Company has taken the design standards of the personal computer into an entire new level. The Company prides in taking the ordinary and turning it into something unique and extraordinary. With the right strategies, the Apple Company has the capacity to stand out from the competition and remain a leader in the world of computers.
Hazards and how they are Being Addressed
The Apple Company has to deal with an array of hazards that range from environmental, economic to political and managerial issues. Apple Inc. was formerly referred to as the Apple Company and it is a manufacturer and distributor of personal computers, consumer electronics, servers, and computer software. The Company also distributes media content in the form of computer software, music, and entertainment CITATION Ban16 \l 1033 (Bank Muscat , 2016). The Company was started by Steve Jobs and his college friends. At the time of beginning, the Company Jobs was a 21 years old college drop out. Jobs lived with his parents in Los Altos in California. He had two friends with whom he would hang out in the garage of his parents' house. This garage would go on to become the first home of the world's greatest computer in all of man's history.
Steve Jobs and his friend Wayne had both worked at a company for making video games. His other friend Wozniak had worked for the Hewlett Puckered Company at that time. The three put their various experiences and together led to the formation of the Apple Company in first of April 1976 CITATION Ced12 \l 1033 (Cedillo Torres et al., 2012). Steve Jobs and his friend would go on to become leaders of the greatest computer company in the world. The company started out with the sole intention of making personal computers and later venture into the world of smartphone manufacturing CITATION Cru11 \l 1033 (Cruz et al., 2011). The Company was founded in Cupertino California by the two friends. It was known as the Apple Company Inc. for the first 30 years that it was in existence.
Wozniak built the Apple personal computer kits at the beginning before he developed technology for developing the same kits. The first Apple computers went in sale on July of the same year that the company began CITATION ElM16 \l 1033 (El-Masri et al., 2016). Business magnate Mark Mukkula provided the needed capital for the beginning of the company at the start of the business. The company has grown to become the world's largest in terms of the amount of worth in assets CITATION Far16 \l 1033 (Farrell, 2016). The computer differed with major rivals at the time of its introduction into the market because it had colored graphics compared to the other computers, which had black and white graphics only.
The Apple Company takes part in the design, manufacture, and the marketing of smart phones, computers, and other technological devices like the smart watches and the iPods. IPods are portable digital music players in which music can be stored and played. The company is headquartered in the United States and has many regional headquarters in Asia Pacific, Japan, greater China, and the Americas CITATION ElM16 \l 1033 (El-Masri et al., 2016). Before the formation of the company, they sold Blue Boxes with telephone buttons on them. People used the Blue Boxes to make telephone calls from payphones and did not have to pay for these calls. The Company produced its first iPhone in 2008 CITATION Cru11 \l 1033 (C...

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