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Impact Of An Artist Or Musician To The Society: Michael Jackson (Case Study Sample)


Impact of an artist or musician to the society we are living today and they achieve it.


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Majority of the artists have been in the past, but only a few have left a legacy that has in one form or the other affected the lives of its listeners. Living or lifeless, most of their lyrics are still famous in the music business, and their words pass from one age to another (Covach, 2012). Michael Jackson is one pop singer whose fame again penetrates through the consciousness of every hearer even though he passed away in 2012. His efforts have however moved, educated, and liberated most personalities from slavery and cocoons of bitterness.
"You are not alone," is one song that has in decades lingered in the memories of any victim, male or female, going through any desperate position in his/her life. The poem that was composed in early 2000 has sojourned popular because it can be recited in any case that demands comfort. That ranges from burials, diseases and even to break-ups. The lyrical song encourages any discouraged victim that no matter how terrible the circumstances may seem, the prey must never let in the control of desperation to reign because it is a mental condition that can happen in the long run effect even to the loss of life in worse scenarios (Goodwin, 2010). Besides, the song also educates in the sense that it urges the society as a whole to always be brothers' keepers by still running to aid victims in sorrow. In that perceptual context, it empowers the community as a whole to approach challenges holistically to save the human race.
His other art was the ‘Earthly' song that condemned environmental destruction in the name of industrialization (Grossberg, 2007). In his song, he asserts that the basis of industries and factories is the core source of all human suffering. In the pictorial clip of his work, he begins when pasture and fauna are at its brink of greenness. He observes that humanity comes up with innovation and reproduces uncontrollably to the extent that nature is physically evacuated to create space for settlement of humans. This is very destructive especially in the aftermath that follows after destroying the forest.

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