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Consumerism of the 1920s - 1950s Research Assignment (Case Study Sample)


Thinking back to the chapter on the 1920s, compare and contrast the consumerism of that decade with the 1950s. How did the economic prosperity of each decade affect Americans’ understanding of freedom?
The essay should be completed in Times New Roman, double-spaced, 1-inch margins, and in a Word document. Use parenthetical citations to document your use of the textbook [ex. (Foner, 77)]. No Works Cited page is needed.Outside sources (ex. Wikipedia) are not permitted and will result in a 0 on that essay


Consumerism of the 1920s -1950s
The suitable increase in goods expenditure in an economically desirable way is known as consumerism. There is a good reason why the 1920s is regarded as “roaring 20s”. Not only the culture in America roaring in social trends and style the economy was also part of this roaring. The era was classified by tremendous success because the World War 1 had just ended. The industrial superiority of the Americans was unleashed for peaceful and domestic purposes. The shift in the economy within some fewer years took place as the state of the economy in the United States turned to peacetime production from wartime production. More consumer culture evolved due to the emergence of household and automobile appliances that made the economy grow in a stimulating way. Therefore, the culture of selling and buying goods is thought that can be given to consumerism (Foner 610 ). Mass production throughout the 1920s paved the way for consumerism, advertising techniques, and new products. Availability of a lot of money and more time made the Americans have the anxiety of having the latest products. It became advantageous to the advertisers who stressed on convenience and luxury. Through, all advertising mediums like the print advertisements and the radios that made the culture of consumers became more visible than it was before (Forner 611).
In 1950, the economy of the Americans grew more.30% Of the families in The United States had the power to purchase more items than when the decade began, Issues of unemployment also dropped. War had disrupted the economy leading to alteration of spending that caused depression among the people (Forner 738). The need for the peop...
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