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Understanding Jews Study: An Introduction to Jews American Literature (Case Study Sample)


The case study was about Understanding Jews Study: An Introduction to Jews American Literature

Understanding Jews Study: An Introduction to Jews American Literature
The development of Jews literature has evolved over time with their writers becoming among the major writers in the world. Many of their writing are influenced by the turbulent times the Jews people have faced in foreign lands, notable one being their mass execution by the Germany dictator, Hitler. Among their many writers Ozick and Roth stands out from their creativity and richness of language. From the book the Pagan Rabbi, Ozick narrates of a Rabbi a religious man who commits suicide after deviating from his religious teaching and embracing foreign ideas. The defiant rabbi get seduced by a woman and eventually kills himself. On the other hand Roth in his book call it Sleep exploits the plights of a Jews family who migrates to the US. Using different characters he reveals the harsh times the immigrants had in the US in early 20th century. These two books though in a deferent setup, addresses a similar theme, that of an outsider. This literature will analyze the books, Pagan Rabbi and Call it Sleep to bring out the theme of outsider in the two books
“Call it Sleep” by Henry Roth
It is fascinating the way Mr. Roth vividly paints the picture of immigrant’s plights in the United States of America in the early 20th century. Through the character David, he explores the life of an immigrant in the slums and streets. He reveals the suspicion with which the immigrants were subjected to and the poor relationship the native had with the immigrants. At all times, the native took every chance to exploit the immigrants in every possible aspect. This is revealed in the context where David meets and becomes friends with a Catholic boy who offers him a rosary in exchange for a chance of meet Polly and Esther (David’s step-cousins). When the chance came, the Catholic boy (Leo) took Esther to the basement of their candy shop and raped her. David meets Luter, a friend of his father whose intent was to have a sexual relationship with David’s mother Genya (Roth 22). Roth reveals this from the intense dislike of characters Luter by David. From the passage David dislikes Lute’s face at first sight: It was not because it was particularly ugly or because it was scary, but because an individual felt own features trying to imitate it while one looked at it. David, with his small mouth and the bow of his lips conspicuously thick and arched; he actually felt himself waiting for it to relax. And the way his nostrils swelled up and out almost fatigued one hoped the dimples in his would soon fill out (Roth 105).
The drama portrays confusion between the distorted systems of the city and David’s perception. It is characterized by existence of many misunderstood secrets. When David overhears his aunt talking with his mother, he comes to learn that she was in love with a non-Jew man before she married his father. From this conversation David devices a lie to the rabbi that his true mother died and Genya is his aunt. This lie explodes when Rabbi Yidel narrates the fabricated story of David regarding his imagined parenthood to Albert who accuses his wife for infidelity. Roth uses different stylistic devices to convey his message in the drama.
He uses Street Language by incorporating dialects from other languages and distorted spellings. When Joyce saw her classmate by the water edge, Roth puts it:
“An ecstasy of flight made radiant his eyes and wild his breath and tremulous and wild and radiant his winds wept limbs
_One! Two...look out!
-O, cripes, I’m drowned
-One! Two! Three and away!
-Me next! Me next!
-Stephanoforos! (Roth 93)
The language in the drama is a crush of informer’s sometimes vulgar language of the street with the translated Yiddish language and the immigrant’s dialects. With this mix, Roth tries to show the richness in the immigrant’s languages multiculturalism. The author further uses fragmented consciousness to portly his thoughts of confusion and the conflicting society that David finds himself after his family migrates to the America;
-Thought this-? No
Maybe went two.
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