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Literature & Language
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Literature (Essay Sample)


The task was to write a sample paper on the subject Literature and Language using the APA referencing style. This sample is about what literature is and its primary purpose in the society

Running head: Literature
The definition of literature has been on debate since there are different view points (Culler 1997). Literature is all about what you understand through the different forms of literature. Literature is what we feel and how we view the world. Literature is a subject encompassed by different definition of concepts that change with time. Just like any other art aspect, literature is prevalent as well as a curious subject that portrays a significant imagination and creativity. For instance, a novel is a genre of literature that expresses a sense of imagination and at the same time creativity. Literature enhances people ideals for instance, faith, duty, love, freedom and prevalence and all these are components of an individual life. Literature is diverse and explains the historically and how it is evolving promotes an interesting theme of literature. Literature from the Greek, Romans and the Hebrews illustrates a significant aspect on the historical value that encompasses the future generation therefore; through the preservation of the literature the today generation is in apposition to understand the fundamentals of life (Culler 1997).
The overall aspect of literature is to enhance a clear imagination of the human nature and hence, in a position to learn from our ancestral past life. Through the inclusion of literature, it is interesting that we learn on our own culture. Culture is the basic of human life; it initiates the fundamentals of the past human life and our roots as human ...
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