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Property law for surveyor Law Case Study Research Paper (Case Study Sample)


This is a factor that you have to discuss in your assignment if you choose this case. What has the Commissioner of Taxation said publicly about this decision? What do tax professionals think about the decision of the Court in this case? Do they agree with the Federal Court? Do you agree with the decision of the Court? Why/Why not? Give reasons for your answer based on the law as it applies to this case.


Legitimacy of Taxation on Capital Assets
[Name of Student]
Business Law
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The fundamental values of equity, certainty, efficiency, neutrality and simplicity are deliberated to offer basic and reliable signposts for refining tax administration. As learners, there is need to understand different law transformation reports as actions of the efficiency of a specific tax measure. The Australian Administration via the ATO gathers most main business taxes, like income tax including capital, revenue and assessable properties. Subsequently, in some cases, state-centered taxes apply, commonly for the payroll taxes. Consequently, Australia holds many tax agreements with other countries to avoid double taxing of foreign firms working in Australia. CGT functions by handling net capital returns as taxable revenue in the financial period where an asset is disposed or vended. From this perspective, the Australian government ensures that capital used for profit making when passed to the other owner, the tax laws will apply according as enshrined in the constitution regarding taxation rules. It is for this reason that this paper will assess the case study of COMMISSIONER OF TAXATION V HEALIUS [2020] FCAFC to clarify facts pertaining the what the taxation commissioner stated, and how the tax specialist think about the court judgment in court of appeal.[Lu, Andrew, Jeremy Shelley, Thinesh Thillainadarajah, and Rob Leonard. "Developments in Australian Private International Law 2015–2016." The Australian Year Book of International Law Online 34, no. 1 (2017): 477-503.] [Douglas, Michael, Mary Keyes, Sarah McKibbin, and Reid Mortensen. "The HCCH judgments convention in Australian law." Federal Law Review 47, no. 3 (2019): 420-443.]

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