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Making Comfort Plus’ Frozen Food Healthier Life Sciences Case Study (Case Study Sample)


Making Comfort Plus’ Frozen Food Healthier


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Making Comfort Plus’ Frozen Food Healthier
Proposal Overview
Stouffer, a classic brand selling frozen entrees, is owned by Nestle and has been offering macaroni, cheese, meat lasagna, and meatloaf cuisine for more than five decades. However, three years ago, the brand experienced declining sales revenue as the contemporary diet-conscious consumers in the conventional market segment shift their loyalty to the rival companies like ConAgra, which sells relatively healthful products. Therefore, to counter this competition, it is proposed that Stouffer develops a new frozen entrйes product line under the brand name Comfort Plus to offer servings with reduced salt and sugar content with a nutritional appeal to the consumers. Clearly, the Nestle-owned brand will be able to reclaim the lost market share by offering the customers more healthful food options.
Seek alternative to the use of salt in food preservation
Excessive consumption of sodium is medically associated with prevalent cases of chronic diseases like hypertension and heart diseases. Accordingly, the health-conscious consumers are increasingly avoiding food with high salt contents, while at the same time the food industry is exploring new ways for reducing high levels of sodium in the product line (Proctor 265). Among the possible alternatives, the proposed Comfort Plus product line could adopt include cutting salt content in the entrees, substituting sodium chloride with potassium chloride, high-pressure food processing. Considering the significant connection between salt and consumer health concerns, Stouffer’s Comfort Plus product line should embrace innovative ways of reducing sodium in its restaurant food to gain market appeal.
Replacing Sodium with Potassium Chloride

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