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Parenting Life Sciences Case Study Research Paper Essay (Case Study Sample)


The questions were as follows:
1.Does the permissive parenting style affect the social-emotional development of a person in early adulthood?.
2. What is the impact of a parent`s death of the cognitive and physical development of a teenager and a young adult?
This sample is about responses to the above questions


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Does the Permissive Parenting Style Affect the Social-emotional Development of a Person in Early Adulthood?
Permissive parenting is a type of parenting style associated with high responsiveness and demands (Baumrind, 61). Parents who employ this style in their childrearing not only love but they also provide few rules and guidelines to their children. These parents do not expect their children to conduct themselves maturely, and they often seem friendlier to them. Due to the excessive freedom granted to the children, experts of child development have antagonized this parenting style, claiming that it is one of the worst among the four parenting styles coined by Diana Baumrind(Baumrind, 62). In addition, permissive parents do not monitor or control their children. For that reason, studies have reported that children brought up by permissive parents are likely to struggle with self-control, which results in various negative outcomes (Park and Walton-Moss, 499). It implies that the permissive parenting style negatively affects the socio-emotional development of a person in early childhood in the following ways.
First, this parenting style makes children more impetuous and aggressive. As stated, permissive parents lack control over the behavior of their children. They do not also regulate the actions of their children. Therefore, their children cannot determine the limits of acceptable practices in adulthood. Besides, they display the worst impulsive control characterized by behavioral problems. It is worth noting that children of permissive parents are less able to self-regulate.

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