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Montana Smelting Mines and Smelts Case Analysis Social Case Study (Case Study Sample)


Apply ethical theories to the Montana Smelting case.


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Montana Smelting Mines and Smelts Case Analysis
Case Summary
Montana Smelting is a company that mines and smelts gold in the state of Montana. Two years ago, the company’s compliance officer announced a report that the managers at one of the eight plants did not report the plant’s release of hazardous chemicals to the Environmental Protection Agency. Upon investigation, it was determined that the managers had released small amounts of toxic carcinogens into Birch Creek, which flows into an Indian Reservation close by. It was also determined that not only were the activities hidden from the company officers and regulators, but nearly everyone at the plant, from managers to clerks, knew of the illegal and damaging activities. Currently, the company is speaking to its lawyers to seek advice on managing the incident from a legal standpoint in order to take actions on this incident. In addition, the company wants to prevent this incident from repeating itself in the future.

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