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How soon should children have mobile phones (Case Study Sample)


Identifying the age at which children should start using mobile phones. the advantages and disadvantages of the same.


The advancement of technology has seen life change immensely compared to yester years. Things that seemed abnormal in those years are now being done effortlessly and without much worry about the outcome of such things. For instance, the use of cell phone for communication as in the yester years has now changed as the devices are no longer used for communication purposes only but are now used for other purposes like sending and receiving money, doing business, even for education purposes where instructors in different levels of education use cell phones to send notes and assignments for students through the cell phones whereas students send their completed assignments and questions to their instructors using the same devices through different applications installed in the devices (Tanil and Yong). For this reason, there is no cut line as to when a child should start using a cell phone since these devices contribute largely in shaping the life of a child.
In my opinion, a child can start using a cell phone in as early as five years because, cell phones manufactured nowadays are technologically advanced and contain educative games and applications that a child of five years can easily understand. In addition, cell phones are a form of entertainment device for children as young as five years where there are music and videos programs in the phone that keep the entertained. Moreover, cell phones of this age are manufactured in the latest technology and this makes the child tech savvy since the systems in such phones are advanced in matters technology therefore keeping the child up to date with the latest technology. However, these devices have their own share of disadvantages and should not be left solely for the child to use alone. For instance, cell phones make children and even adults zombies and a child can spend the whole day on the device without doing any physical activity and without any social life which is harmful to the child. Also some programs in these cell phones are known to corrupt a child’s mind due to their illicit nature (Bourchika). Therefore, children as young as five years are not too young to use cell phones and should be allowed to use the devices with close monitoring.
To begin with, knowledge is an important tool for a child’s life and survival and should not just be obtained from school alone but from other sources if these sources provide the required knowledge for the child’s growth. In this regard cellphones have educative games and applications that instill knowledge and skills to children of five years. As a result these children acquire important skills from these games and application that parents and teachers might take longer to instill in these kids (Hosokawa and Katsura). Also there important educative games that keep the children ahead in their learning and make it easier for their teachers and parent to teach such children as they already are informed. For instance, alphabetical games and numbers keep children of five years informed and aware of how to do the alphabets and numbers. Moreover, construction games and applications also nurture the children critical thinking and creativity skills helping the child to always think outside the box and make right decisions not just in the games but also in real life. Therefore it is important to allow a child to obtain such knowledge from such devices as it free and easy to acquire in addition to being helpful in their lives.
In addition, every parent wants what is best for their child and no parent would want their children to engage in irresponsible behavior. For this reason, cell phones provide an opportunity for a child as young as five years to stay occupied by different videos and music they watch on their cell phones. In this regard cell phones are a good entertainment device for these children and make children stay busy hence lacking time to do unwanted things in addition to avoiding irresponsible activities. The videos and music in these gadgets are informative and entertaining and help rid boredom. In addition most videos in these devices especially videos obtained through the internet can help children nurture their talents. For instance videos about soccer can help a child of five years develop an interest in soccer and discover their talent. Also videos about music can help children of five years discover their talents either in singing or dancing thereby developing their talents through the music videos they watch. In addition, watch also equip them with the right skills to perform certain tasks in life. For instance, a child can watch a video on cooking and learn the basic skills of cooking, cleaning, organizing themselves among other fundamental skills which are helpful to this child’s growth (Brame). Therefore cellphones are a great asset to children of five years as they provide a platform for children to self-discover and realization.
Ultimately, the advancement of technology has contributed greatly to manufacturing of cell phones and other gadgets that are up to date with the latest technology. For this reason, cell phones manufactured in this day and age use systems that are of the latest technology. As a result, children using these cellphones become technology savvy and effortlessly maneuver in these technologically advanced gadgets. This makes the lives of these kids even easier and is able to gadgets that are also up to date with the latest technology (Meranda). For instance, a child of five years can easily handle a tablet which is form of a computer and do different things on the tablet. Also a child of five years can handle other computer gadgets with ease not just at home but even inn their learning institutions and run a task on this gadgets. Cell phones make these children familiar with different systems of technology hence making them tech savvy and make their future lives easy as they become familiar with the latest trends of technology. Therefore allowing a child of five years to use a cell phone is making this child tech savvy thus making their lives easy in present and even as they grow.
Conversely, cell phones are known to make children zombies as they spend most of their time glued to these devices. For this reason, these children lack a social life and might find it hard to interact with children of their age. These children cannot acquire the basic social skills required to fit in a community or a small group of people. Further these children have a hard time even in school due to their antisocial character. For instance, these children might be unable to participate even in the simplest form of children’s activities in school or even play games in school and at home with their fellow children as they do don have social skills to interact with other children (Divan et al.). In addition, these children also do not engage in any physical activities like running, riding, swimming, which is helpful for their health as they become cell phone addicts. As a result these children become obese and develop other health complications like heart problems due to their excess weight and since they do not exercise. Moreover, certain programs in these cell phones are known to corrupt a child’s mind and have negative effect on the child’s behavior. For instance, videos about violence, might negatively impact a child’s character as the child turns out to be violent or rebellious at home and in school. These children tend to practice what they see in the videos in their lives hence het different characters based on what they have seen in their cell phone. Therefore cell phones have a negative impact on a child of five years although cell phones are largely helpful.
In conclusion, it is important to

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