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The Selling Process Can Be Identified As Seven Different Steps (Case Study Sample)


To Respond to questions on case study


Case Study 7
The selling process can be identified as seven different steps.
These steps include;
1. Prospect and qualify
Prior to presenting a product or service to a potential client, it is the duty of a sales person to research prospective individuals, groups or companies that would be interested in purchasing the product or service that is being offered.
2. Pre-approach
After the sales person has done research on the potential clients that will be interested in the product or service, the sales person must then research on the needs of the potential client in order to tailor the good or service to meet their needs.
3. Approach
From the pre-approach, the sales person will then need to officially meet the client to set a time to officially present the product or service to the client.
4. Presentation
Once the sales person has approached the client, it is their duty to then present their product and service offerings to the potential client.
5. Overcome objections
A common incident in the process of selling is that the potential client will have objections or reasons as to why the product or service is not suitable for them and the sales-person will then have to answer to these objections in an effort to persuade the client to purchase the product or service.
6. Close the sale
The duty of the sales-person is to make the sale after they have convinced the potential client that the products or service will meet their need.
7. Follow-Up
The sales-person will then follow up on the sale in an effort to assure customer satisfaction and retain customers.
In my opinion, the steps that may or can be conducted through technology are;
1. Prospect and qualify
2. Pre-approach
7. Follow-Up
As said above, it is my opinion that these steps can be conducted through technology, this is because these steps do not require face-to-face interaction, they do not require personal interaction and they can be succesfully
Therefore in my opinio...
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