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The Stages of Alzheimer Disease (Case Study Sample)


Answering the case study questions given about the patient


1. What are the stages of Alzheimer disease (AD)? What are the clinical manifestation of each stage?
A patient of Alzheimer disease in this case George Carlton has to undergo the seven stages of this disease. They include; No Impairment, Very Mild Decline, Mild Decline, Moderate Decline, Moderately Severe Decline, Severe Decline and Very Severe Decline. Since the disease is a terminal illness its clinical manifestations depend with the stage that the patient is in. The first stage of the disease is the No impairment where the disease is not detectable since there are no memory problems. The second stage is Very Mild Decline where one notices a minor memory problems but the patient can do the tasks he or she has at hand. The third stage Mild Decline, where there is cognitive problems in the patients which is easily noticeable by the family members. Also, the patient has difficulty in planning, and finding the right words during a conversation family members begin t6o notice the cognitive problems. Moderate Decline is the fourth stage where the patients only has a short-term memory and finds it difficult to solve simple arithmetic and handle finances. Moderate Severe Decline is the fifth stage where patients begin to need help in many day to day activities. Severe Decline is the sixth stage where patients need professional care. Very Severe Decline is the last stage where patients lose the ability to communicate and respond to the environment.

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