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Xifa business plan Literature & Language Case Study (Case Study Sample)


Well the investor is an existing customer of mine so he knows what the business is about. With that said though he's more concerned about the financials and I've only been operating for a few months so there will be a lot of assumptions
This was my SMS to the investor accepting his expression of interest:
I've given your proposal much thought and if it's still on the table, I would love to have you on board with Xifa! My company's mission is not to make the most money possible, but its success will be derived from being ahead of the industry, offering customers honest, advanced and effective solutions to service the needs of the customer. This is achieved through reinforcing this culture and cultivating kindness, generosity and mad skills through good people that treat my business like it is theirs.
Do such a great job that people can't stop talking about you is a philosophy I live by. Complaints are my opportunity to do what I do better. Turning previously unsatisfied customers to advocates for my brand is my measuring stick. Getting satisfied customers to invest in my company another measure that I am heading in the direction of achieving greatness.
My vision is to become a household name. Purchasing the rights to 1300 00 XIFA is a testament to my belief in the milestones I will achieve.
Being an Airbnb host, and when I was personally managing it personaly a superhost, is proof of my sincerity. Having 286 positive reviews reinforces this fact.
As a sign of my transparency and a token of my trust in building a solid foundation, I offer you my (three year old) resume. It is what I'm about, what I bring to the table, and while it doesnt list my 15 vans (google Xifa's vans) nor Airbnb (refer to link above for customer reviews) it is a document which I hold close to my heart. I am proud of the person I become and I have much kudos for the achievements I have made with my career.


(Your name)
Xifa Bayati Company
(Main business address)
ABN: ()
ACN: ()
Xifa Bayati Company
Prepared by the Director of Xifa Bayati Company
Business Summary
Xifa Pty Ltd trading as Xifa Bayati is an automotive mechanical workshop specializing in the general service, maintenance and mechanical repairs for all types of light vehicles, including cars vans and 4WD. Xifa's greatest asset is the team that runs it. Lead by Tony "Xifa" Diep; Tony has spent over a decade within the sales industry, with most of that period within a coaching and training capacity. Tony then transitioned from a telesales environment to one within the hospitality, becoming a short-term vacation rental property manager, an Airbnb superhost. A testament to Tony's focus on customer service is his 300+ positive reviews from all his guests in which he has hosted. To say it clearly, Tony is a car-nut; with his appetite for automotive technologies and more, importantly how these features benefit the driver is his real passion.  He enjoys talking about this and working with like-minded individuals that give him great satisfaction. The other half of the team is Xifa's master mechanic, Hassan Bayati who can speak in both Arabic and Persian and is kind in the shape of a car literally.
Everything that is car related is in his tips, and he has been doing so for 35 years. Hassan is a man of tradition, with his preference of doing things the old school 'army' way as he calls it. Also, while Tony and Hassan may have different methods of doing things at times, they can both agree on one thing, achieving success requires the development of customer intimacy through trust and open communication are the key elements for overcoming fear and anxiety.  When customers take their vehicles to a repair shop, they are often anxious, afraid and untrusting before they even hand over their keys. Customers worry about everything from getting ripped off to hearing bad news right away, to not being in control of the situation and losing their cars for several days. In return, most mechanic shops do not know how to communicate effectively with customers to help alleviate these fears. Many customers share similar experiences we receive a call from one person with the status of our vehicle, we pick up our cars from someone else, and if we have questions or something goes wrong we talk to a third person, or often the correct person is not around. A vicious circle, we leave the dealership with the same fears, feeling like no one cares and that it is all about the money.

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