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Accounting, Finance, SPSS
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Global Strategy Analysis of Al-Rajhi Bank. Coursework (Coursework Sample)


It is a financial PAPER based on different types of growth strategies
Formulate and Analyse global strategy of Al-Rajhi Bank.


Global Strategy Analysis of Al-Rajhi Bank
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Executive Summary
Al-Rajhi bank is Saudi Arabia’s largest Islamic bank in regards to capital infrastructure whose product portfolio encompasses retail and corporate banking, treasury and investment services. India is the seventh largest nation and second most populous country. It is an emerging economy thus providing a suitable location for foreign investments. It also boasts of a vibrant banking industry which has cultivated competition in both domestic and foreign banks.
Various factors such as GDP growth, level of competition, entry barriers, company formation requirements and market size make it a viable investment hub for Al-Rajhi bank. By conducting industry analysis and competitive analysis, there exists a gap to be filled by further foreign investment. The banks resources and capabilities such as application of Sharia law, ladies banking platform and anti-money laundering software give the bank a competitive edge in expanding into India’s banking industry.
The best foreign market entry strategy would be joint venture mode. It involves forming a partnership with a rural co-operative bank. According to a report on Islamic banking titled Islamic Banking in India-Growth and Potential (2013), Islamic banking institutions would revolutionise the banking sector for Indian Muslims especially those residing in rural areas. This is attributed to the increasing population of Muslims in rural areas. Thus, partnering with rural co-operatives gives Al-Rajhi Bank a competitive edge over other rural co-operative banks since they would easily capture the established market of its partner.
There are various benefits projected from adopting joint venture strategy in expanding into India’s banking industry. They include; transfer of technology, increase in market share, and creation of employment opportunities for Indian population and development of corporate social benefit programs.

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