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Anatomy of a Restaurant Promo (Coursework Sample)


The client gave different case studies i reviewed and came up with structures of promoting a restaurant


Anatomy of a Restaurant Promo
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Anatomy of a Restaurant Promo
An anatomy of something is fundamentally its structural outlay and in this case it is the structure of a restaurant promo. The anatomy of a restaurant promo is one of the major important factors considered in the hospitality industry. This is because customers are inclined to like or despise the restaurant’s services based on their first impression derived from the structure of the promo. A good structure entices the clients and catches their attention, which makes them buy from the restaurant. Poor restaurant promo anatomy on the hand makes customers walk away and make negative generalizations on the restaurant. This makes it an important factor in determining the business performance of any given restaurant.
Case 1
In the first case study on menu development, Kelly comes up with a number of guiding questions. The main problem in his situation is how best to structure the menu for it to give customers maximum information in the simplest possible way.
A good menu should have a cover well designed but simple for the guests to easily notice it is a menu. The material of the cover is dependent on the type of the restaurant. A leather cover is official and suitable to restaurants in five star hotels (Maria, 2008). Minimal writings on the cover help the guest save time and go direct to the contents of the menu. The color is an important factor as it expresses the theme of the restaurant. Vibrant colors like red, green, turquoise, and green are perfect for a restaurant with a Mexican theme, however, the same colors may not be good for a French themed restaurant.
The panel of a menu would depend on the number of items the restaurant wants to display to the customers. Where the items are few, a two panel menu would present the items simply and completely. A restaurant with many items and new foods should have a detailed menu displaying prices and food pictures and thus a four panel menu is efficient (Maria, 2008). For a menu to be efficient, it should display all the foods the restaurant has to offer. At the same time this has to be done in brief and simple way for the customer to easily identify what they will buy. This makes a book menu not efficient as it may put off some clients who are not comfortable with excess details.
The sequence for best positioning on a restaurant menu is; begin with appetizers to mouth water the guest, then proceed to desserts, salads, beverages, entrees, and lastly soups. To make the menu short and precise, a specialty menu is important for especially for alcoholic beverages. This helps the non alcoholic clients to easily identify what is good for them. It also helps clients with health conditions to make good choice of healthy meals for them. The font of the menu should not be too small to read. Italics may be used for sporty restaurants that are less formal while other restaurants that are formal should adopt the bold face print to match with the theme of the restaurant.
Descriptions make the menu lengthy for the clients to go through. Therefore, to avoid such pictures are important as they give the guest a clear idea of what to expect will be served. It is important for the menu to present the heart healthy items to help clients with heart complications choose healthy meals.
Case 2
This case study is on the Schultzie, a 30 unit casual dining chain meeting attended by various managers of different units of Schultzie. The meeting is about the new policy of updating the menu with numerous new items each quarter.
It was right for the corporate headquarters to introduce the new menu items because it encourages innovation and attracts more clients to try the new items. This is clear as the manager next to Seymour whispers back to him that his clients have been asking for new and interesting items. The managers acknowledges that he is happy because the headquarter is responding to guests’ requests. However, initially, Seymour has a different view on the same and sees the new policy as exotic. Later on it works well for Seymour and he comes to terms that the new items are beneficial to the performance of his unit.
What Seymour did right is his decision to finally use more materials he had to train the evening servers. He uses videos and provides meal samples as well to the servers. This leads to promising and positive outcomes. The new items move faster in the evening more than lunch time and Seymour regrets he should have used more materials in the training at lunch time. Seymour Tidwell did one mistake while training the servers at lunch time. He decides not to use all the materials provided by the headquarters in training Jennifer, Steve, and Rollo about the new items for the menu (Maria, 2008). Tidwell uses only video material and lets the kitchen do some samples. The manager also does not keenly follow the head quarter’s directives and instead of using lemon sauce he lets them use white sauce in its place and pretend its lemon sauce. Mike brings to his attention the availability of only two burners that are insufficient incase customer orders are many. Seymour tells the head cook not to worry about the burners as he does not anticipate guests to go for the shrimp in a big way. All these sum up to the...
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