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Marketing plan: Spa for Pregnant Women in Queensland Australia (Coursework Sample)


do marketing plan about spa for pregnancy women in Queensland, Australia The service or product innovation selected could be based on modifications to a current service/product offering that will attract a new target market to the organization or it could be a new service/product offering to your current target market or a new service/product to a new target market. The service or product will be perceived by the target market to be an innovation. i need your help in the following part Market summary . market feature .pest analysis .swot analysis market strategy .target market

Marketing Plan: Spa for Pregnant Women in Queensland Australia
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Market Summary
Admittedly, pregnant women need a lifestyle that will not only soothe their souls but also inspire them to live healthier and productive live. Additionally, it will enable these women to discover new opportunities, nourish their tender bodies, and above all nurture their spirits. Our Spa will offer superb facilities and innovative programs that are designed to ensure that pregnant women enjoy the best treatment in a calm and relaxed atmosphere.
According to statistics, there are approximately 2000 Spas in Queensland with differentiated range of treatment styles to their clients. These range from natural therapies to luxurious day and night Spas located near beaches. All spas are dedicated to offering their clients the best experiences in their lives. Conversely, the Spa Industry in Queensland, Australia revenues to approximately $2 Billion annually and Day Spas make up more than ¾ of this figure. The market segment for day Spas is also growing at an increasing rate (Melanie, and Laszlo, 2008).
In Queensland, the number of Spas and Licensed Massage Therapists concentrate their services to the general population and few of them target pregnant women. The rate charge per massage service is $50-$70 per hour depending on the area. For instance, in low income areas, the rate can fall to as low as $ 40 per hour while the rate is high in places such as beachfronts. Therefore, setting our Spa business in this region makes it suitable for pregnant women because by nature of the type of service provided, it will be easier to reach the target market and success will be readily achieved (Grant, 2003).
Market Features and Segmentation
Primarily, our company will target pregnant clients throughout Queensland as well as other customers who are in direct association with expectant women. Age and gender will not be a factor since our services are customized to serve pregnant women. Thusly, the deciding factor will be their household incomes that must be preferably greater than $20,000.
Target Market Strategy
Individuals falling under this market segment usually encounter changing stress levels because of hormonal changes and therefore need relaxation techniques irrespective of their income levels (Grant, 2003). Additionally, they are always recommended to access relaxation facilities that are usually found in Spas to enable them relax their muscles as well as nurture their minds and bodies
Based on market needs, pregnant women love to pamper themselves as they anticipate their unborn and loved ones. Majority of such women and their husbands dedicate a lot of time and resources to ensure that the lives of their unborn babies remain healthy (Melanie, and Laszlo, 2008). They also have medical insurance and therefore can afford to pay for their therapies in addition to out of pocket money. For this reason, the Queensland region has become one of the best destinations for holidays and therefore Women in their maternity leaves visit this region to spend their holiday. In turn, they have transformed the region into one characterized with growth and mobility. Our business is also ready to take up clients on insurance and give the bill to insurance companies provided they are recommended to us by a qualified physician. The market trends attract growth and development due to investment initiatives undertaken by other people. This factor further heightens the growth opportunities in the region thereby making it a suitable location for business activities.
Marketing Strategy
The marketing strategy of our company will be guided by a combination of the networking and the most aggressive marketing techniques in addition to offering the best services in the region. These objectives will be achieved by a team of skilled and experienced, dedicated aestheticians and therapists. Our company plans to adopt a three-pronged marketing strategy as described below (Wood, 2004).
Advertising and promotions- this will entail designing colorful and influential posters, fliers, and promotions for two months before the grand opening of the business. Free spa therapies will also be offered to the first 100 women.
Networking- we plan to obtain contact details of pregnant women from women groups, wedding consultants, relaxing clubs, and other frequently visited places such as local clinics. Thereafter, invitational offers will be sent to them to notify them of our Spa services.
Health Care Referrals-obtain contacts from healthcare providers (Chiropractors) in addition to be becoming a service provider to insurance companies that offer streams of alternative service care to their members. Such insurance companies usually pay for massage therapies to their clients.
Online Internet Sites- adverts from our Spa will pop up in almost every site on major engines and other frequently visited sites. Pregnant women will also be able to schedule their appointments online. Additionally, our contacts will be made available in many phone directories.
Pest Analysis
Political/legal Factors
Our business might be forced to comply with environmentally and health related regulations arising from the impacts out operations. Additionally, we will be required to obtain the necessary licenses as well as to pay the related taxes of our business Melanie, and Laszlo, 2008).On the other hand, foreign customers such tourists on holiday might be deterred by the need to acquire visas.
Economic Factors
The economic situation and income levels of individuals determine the growth our business based on their abilities to afford the spa services. Economic factors may also deter us from offering attractive packages to our workers (Armstrong, 2006). Finally, the nature of our clients who are primarily pregnant women would mean that our revenues would depend on their availability.
Social Factors
Spa parlors are a growing trend in the industry and therefore there is a high demand for services offered in...
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