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Mission and Vision Paper (Coursework Sample)

Required Elements to include in the Mission and Vision Paper: Research the organization\'s website to find the mission statement and vision. Evaluate the mission statement in light of the criteria for good mission statements. Address each of the criteria and comment on the vision. Demonstrate critical thinking in the assessment. Evaluate Mission Statement for Whole Foods Market. The Mission Statement of the Whole Foods Company and Whole Foods Markets Grocery Stores: The mission statement of the Whole Foods Company and Whole Foods Markets begins with its motto, which is... \"Whole Foods, Whole People, Whole Planet\" The Whole Foods mission explains and defines what that motto means. This mission explanation includes... \"Whole Foods - We obtain our products locally and from all over the world, often from small, uniquely dedicated food artisans. Whole People - We recruit the best people we can to become part of our team. We empower them to make their own decisions, creating a respectful workplace where people are treated fairly and are highly motivated to succeed. Whole Planet - We recognize the connection between our lives, our communities and the environment.\" The Whole Foods Motto and Mission are further defined by a list of Core Values which guide the decisions and actions of employees in all job positions every day. The Whole Foods Core Values define how Whole Foods leaders and employees interact with their products, customers, employee team, shareholders, communities, suppliers, and align everyone behind the mission of improving health in general. The Whole Foods Quality Standards clearly define what\'s important when making decisions about the Whole Foods product mix. For more details about the Whole Foods Motto, Mission, Core Values and Quality Standards, click here. Whole Foods Market is a dynamic leader in the quality food business. We are a mission-driven company that aims to set the standards of excellence for food retailers. We are building a business in which high standards permeate all aspects of our company. Quality is a state of mind at Whole Foods Market. Our motto — Whole Foods, Whole People, Whole Planet — emphasizes that our vision reaches far beyond just being a food retailer. Our success in fulfilling our vision is measured by customer satisfaction, team member happiness and excellence, return on capital investment, improvement in the state of the environment and local and larger community support. source..
Whole Foods Company Mission Statement Name Institution Whole Foods Company Mission Statement Introduction A mission is an organization’s purpose for existence. It describes the values and beliefs of the organizations to management. A mission statement broadly describes the organization’s mission. At times, it is referred to as creed, credo, or statement of corporate values and philosophies. The criteria for evaluating a mission statement provide that a good mission statement motivates employees and sets direction for objectives. Whole Foods mission statement is among the best in lists of evaluation. It consist of all eight components and lacks technology only. It includes teamwork, excellence as a value, and a customer-oriented mission. It focuses on customer’s needs satisfaction rather than on the products to sell or services to be offered. The mission also addresses stakeholders as much as is possible and shows concern for social and environmental responsibility (Brown & Turner, 2008). All this causes the realization of a comprehensive mission that portrays company’s values, purpose, and other important information. Proper use of the mission will lead to many benefits. Mission Statement Evaluation The mission mentions customers as very essential people in the Whole Foods. Therefore, the company goes beyond ordinary levels to satisfy the customers. The company aims at meeting or even exceeding their customers’ expectations on every deal with them. By doing so, the company will be winning more customers for the company. There is 100% guarantee of satisfaction else, customers’ money is refunded (Nelson & Quick, 2008). The satisfaction of customers is an outcome of the outstanding performance of team members and personalized service as well as adequate knowledge about the products. The company’s nurtures good relationship with customers through customer service beliefs such as the livelihood of the business depends on customers, customers are the primary source of motivation in company’s work, they bring their needs, and desires to be meet by the company but not to content or argue with them. Finally, customers are equals and should be treated like fellow human beings. The company experiments and innovates on a daily basis in order to raise its operating standards. It creates environments at the store that is fun-filled, unique, attractive, and educational. The company aims at making the store a meeting place for the community people where customers meet their friends or make new ones while shopping (Nelson & Quick, 2008). The store is universal and all-round. It welcomes everyone without regard of race, gender, beliefs, or outwards looks. The company values diversity, as whole foods is for everyone. The company’s success also depends on collective responsibility and intelligence of the team members. Apart from rewarding employees with fair wages and other advantages, the employees belief in valuing work and obtaining fulfillment from their jobs. This is the key purpose of the Whole Foods Market. As a result, the company designs and ensures ample working space where team members can perform their duties best. In addition, all team members are valuable contributors to the company regardless of how long they have worked or intend to work for the company (Brown & Turner, 2008). Similarly, a number of team members are behind the scene in the production, distribution, and generally supporting the retail team and stakeholders. Despite being somehow invisible, they play a very crucial role for the success of the company. Therefore, they form an integral part of the team members. Attaining a unified vision concerning the company’s future and maintaining trust among team members is one of the Whole Foods Market goals. In addition, the company recognizes diversity and differences among individuals. It aims at creating a strong community dedicated to the company. At the same time, Whole Foods recognize the importance of family, leisure activities, and involvement in community work as essential for a rich and meaningful life. All this causes the realization of a comprehensive mission that portrays company’s values, purpose, and other important information. Proper use of the mission will lead to many benefits (Nelson & Quick, 2008). The company strives to build and maintain positive relationship among employees. It beliefs in action and not just thinking. As a result, the company believes the best way to achieve this is by encouraging commitment and full participation of team members in the business operations. The ways to accomplish this is through regular meetings by team members seeking to find solutions to various issues. Second, communication is enhanced through forums and advisory services. The company also lobbies for more commitment to work through friendly competitions, play, and work. In addition, continuous learning on values, food products, and job requirements is encouraged as well as equal job opportunities for all. Creation of wealth happens through profits earned and growth. The exchange between the company and customers yield profits that are crucial in the growth of the company, job security, and financial progress. To every company, profits are essential for change and future success. They are the seeds sown for the next harvest. The company is the steward for shareholders’ investments and is determined to ensure enhanced stakeholder value over a long time. The Whole Foods Company purpose to grow at a high speed in order to reinforce customer satisfaction, teamwork commitment, productivity, and excellence, high quality working environment, and financial progress. All this causes the realization of a comprehensive mission that portrays company’s values, purpose, and other important information. Proper use of the mission will lead to many benefits (Brown & Turner, 2008). In the mission statement, the company supports communities through involvement in local activities. The business operations at Whole Foods are directly associated with the neighborhood and communities around served. The unique feature of the store portrays an image of the people who shop there. Without the support from these people, the company would not be a business as it is now. The interdependence goes beyond high quality food to where appropriate response is necessary. Consequently, the company donates about 5% of its profits to nonprofit organizations and has a program that support volunteering team members in community activities. Another major compliance with the criteria for mission statement is the support for community environmental care. The Whole Foods Company sees the need for active stewardship as far as environmental conservation is concerned. Additionally, the company seeks to ensure the generations to follow flourish by offering support to sustainable agricultural activi...
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