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Monitoring Employees' Performance (Coursework Sample)

The course work aimed to analyze whether an organization can monitor employees’ performance without their knowledge. The question analyzed whether a company can install a software program to monitor the employees’ work without informing them first. It analyzed whether it is illegal and unethical to install the software program without the employees’ knowledge. source..
Monitoring Employees' PerformanceName:Course:Department:Instructor:Due Date: Monitoring Employees' Performance The company should be permitted to install the EyeSpy software to monitor employees' performance. Installing the software would ensure that the freelance workers do what they are supposed to do at the right time. The software would also prevent variations in the freelance workers' timesheet since it would indicate the number of hours the freelancers spent on the computer screens based on the pictures taken. It would also reflect the number of mouse clicks and keystrokes, preventing variations on their timesheet. Keystroke logging and mouse clicks reflect employees' productivity (TalenTeam,2021). They ensure that all workers' keyboard activities are recorded, tracked, and captured. In addition, the software would classify activities as unproductive or productive to track and analyze the freelancers' active and idle time. Therefore, allowing the company to install the EyeSpy software is necessary to ensure that the freelancers' timesheets align with their actual work. It would save labor costs for the company and ensure consistency in the freelancer workers' timesheets (TalenTeam,2021). It is illegal and unethical for an organization to monitor employees' performance without their consent or knowledge (Porteous, 2020). An organization must seek permission and inform employees before monitoring their performance. The practice is only legal if the organization suspects malpractice among the employees and wants to catch them in suspicious activity. The organization could face legal consequences for secretly monitoring the employees' performance. It is necessary to have a monitoring policy ...
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