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Quality of Services on Employees (Coursework Sample)


It is a paper dealing with supply chain management that discuses on quality of services on employees.


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How quality is different in service firms and product firms? Does the quality mean something different in a service firm? In any production, firm quality means production of products that are free from defects, which require low maintenance cost, and those products that are up to the customers' requirement standards. As for the service, firm's quality mainly focuses on the customer's interaction that is always a face to face or an interaction that is binding the producer and the service receiver together. This involves the provision of impeccable services, meeting consumer's expectations, being courteous and professional. Research has proved that the product quality and service quality are quite different from their characteristics. As for the services they are intangible, perishable seen it depends on a service producer, heterogeneous, and perishable unlike the product (Collier, D. A., & Evans, J. R. 2009). In the current competitive market environment, providing high quality services is the ultimate objective of every organization. It will give the firm a competitive advantage over others. Customers' satisfaction, which is the outcome of service quality, will earn a business profit. Automatically this forms firm foundation for a business future in terms of brand loyalty, repeated purchase, and affirmative word of mouth. For example, a satisfied customer will always share his or her experiences with at least four to six people whereas dissatisfied customer will share it more with at least ten to eleven people of the service and products this is as per statistics done (Aaker, D. A. 2009). Firms' today are putting much concentration on managing the service quality as it leads to consumer satisfaction. The level of the service quality provided is dependent on the previous demand and expectation of the customer. Service quality in totality refers to the overall consumer attitude and perception towards the service provider, the emotional reaction regarding the customer's needs expectation and goals. It is through service quality that customers become loyal to a particular service provider no matter the marketing forces, which may cause the switching behavior (Ratnatunga, J., & Ewing, M. T. 2009).American managers hate to see high-paid workers sitting idle, even maintenance employees. What is the alternative? Employee idle time refers to that very time when a worker is not carrying out the recommended duties and responsibilities as per the job description at the time of employment. This often occurs because of energy outages, equipment breakdown, shortages of inputs, and other possible reasons that may be beyond the worker capability to control. The worker idle time is commonly accounted as a direct cost to the business and the firm at normal working conditions cannot compensate it. The managers take this as losses to the firm. It is considered to be overhead cost for the case of a manufacturing plant whereby it is an indirect cost for manufacturing which is added up to the production cost of that particular period. The worker idle time is a signage of employee underutilization, as well as minimal maximization of the employee's capabilities in order to benefit the organization employing them.
Managers so far have come up with a mechanism to curb the employees idle time by adopting strategies that are align towards eradicating problems that causing workers idle time, rotating employees within their area of specialization to enable them learn new ideas, and engaging reserves: reserved resources, spare equipment, and additional workplaces (Mullaney, J. L., & Shope, J. H. 2012). Mostly managers ensure that instead of employees sitting idle they regularly come up with programs to add value to the employees such as training them on policies and practices that they ought to learn in the organization. Manager always update employees on the current emerging issues in the organization.Reasons why supply chain management is a topic of interest lately, especially multi facility distribution? Why wasn't it previously?
Supply Chain Management (SCM) is a vital element to any organization that deals with operations that demands efficiency. SCM is applicable in today's world where the customers are the ultimate concern of very business success. SCM plays the key role in an organization, where the employees with SCM knowledge and sk...
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