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Business Plan: Vin Doux Start-Up Non-Alcoholic Wine Company (Coursework Sample)


Business plan


Business Plan Final
Executive summary
Vin Doux is start-up non-alcoholic wine company that its sole purpose is to provide quality and unique wine to those many individuals who would love to take a smooth wine which is not alcoholic. Wine is widely loved by many people, but some individuals due to health related or personal preference cannot take alcoholic wine present in many shops in the country. The company targets individuals from across all ages and especially people from 18-45 years. Our products hold the advantage of being unique from all other wines in the market due to the incorporation of different flavors and ingredients. Though the market for soft drinks is largely dominated by big firms, there is a decent opportunity when it comes to non-alcoholic wine as there is the continuous demand for this product especially if it's unique. Research has shown that the market for non-alcoholic wine is growing with double figures. Our location in Northern Virginia gives us an advantage of distribution since we are close to the market. Also, the average income of people in this demographic location is much fair which makes it possible to purchase our product.
At Vin Doux, we believe Management and organization are critical to the success of our business. The company has a capable management structure which is headed by the experienced President who runs the day to day activities in the enterprise. He directs all the financial and administrative aspects and works together with the vice president to help direct specific activities important to the company. The president and the vice president have work experience from other soft companies where they used to work. The company also have an experienced Marketing head and administrative, financial personnel who make sure the companies reaches its goals. The company also has a sales marketer, head of customer care and the sales manager.
To thrive in this competitive market, the company has noted several market needs that need to be addressed in the non-alcoholic drinks especially wines. There is a recognizable need for a quality wine that offers an original taste of wine and still maintains 0% alcohol. Not many wines on the market meet these standards needed by customers regarding wine alcohol content. Some wines just reduce the amount of alcohol rather than eliminating it. Vin Doux Company plans to offer products that meet this standard. Through the good delivery method, the company can cut down the costs involved in the distribution of products thereby reducing the general cost of our wine outdoing our competitors.
Completion in this kind of business is very tough, and it's important for a company to have an advantage over the other. The competitive advantage that we have is that at Vin Doux produce products that are uniquely recognizable by the customers and this has created a good connection between our products and the customers gauging by their feedback. Vin Doux has a well-planned distribution method that will enable us to distribute our products to the doorsteps of our esteemed customers. This distribution channel is one that our competitors have not utilized well, and this will enable us to reduce our costs of distribution and hence the price of our wine.
Vin Doux, have the best pricing strategy making us have superior margins against our competitors. Our financial projections are realistic and very much achievable. For the few months, Vin Doux has been in operation; the company has sold close to million bottles of wine. By the end of the first year, Vin Doux plans to increase its sales by projected +10%. In two years' time, the company plans to expand its operation to more than five neighboring states. Within four years, the company projects to have full professional staff working in every part of the production, sales, and marketing. Basing on this projections, there is a real chance of making a profit from this business.
In the case of the unpredictable, the Vin Doux exit plan is by selling the company. From the beginning of this business, we hope to build a brand and sales value for the company to get the attention of possible suitors. By building a good brand for the company, their many possible buyers of the company who will see this business as a good long term strategy. Another possible exit plan is owner buyout.
* Company Description
Vin Doux is a non-alcoholic wine beverage company started in Northern Virginia in 2015. Until now, the business has been in operation for seven months. Vin Doux products are pure, distilled, flavored and unique non-alcoholic wines that contain beneficial nutrients to the human body. The wine produced at Vin Doux is of special ingredients that are found in no other types of wine. Since the wine is non-alcoholic, it can be taken by people of all ages. The name Vin Doux means smooth wine and that what the company always tries to do, create a healthy and smooth wine that is beneficial and sweet to take.
The products that are produced by Vin Doux that is wine are certified by both NSF and USDA and contain verified natural products are good for the human body. The Company aims at spicing those special moments for its client by offering smooth and delicious wine to make the special occasions even more memorable putting in mind the health of their clients. A good population in this country do not drink alcohol products but would love to take some wine, that's where the company comes in to help by producing wine that can be taken by everybody but still have good taste. The company's targets include clubs, lounges, five-star hotels and all retail shops that offer other soft drinks. This is to make sure that the company offers the alternative to those people who wish not take a soft drink such as water, juice or soda.
The company always tries to provide an alternative healthy and fun lifestyle for those who love wine but cannot take the strong ones. The company's mission is "to offer sophisticated and inviting non-alcoholic beverage that is authentic to the original taste of wine." Vin Doux believes the principal values of the company will help it achieve its mission. These core or essential values are reliability, honesty, and dependability that will go a long way in ensuring that the company's mission is reached. We are committed and working hard to find high-quality wine product that will bring long-lasting enjoyment and customer satisfaction. Professionalism in production and marketing must me mainlined at all times. The market plan for this firm is making sure that all its goals that are customer satisfaction, sales increase among others are reached in the future. The goals entail that the company will survive the competition and the larger portion of the market will desire its products. Also, it's the company's...

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