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Waste reduction and sustainability Business & Marketing Coursework (Coursework Sample)


the PowerPoint is about the reduction of waste , energy, and product and how this brings about sustainability


Reduction of Waste, Energy, and Products
Lean Production/ Lean Manufacturing
Lean manufacturing is a system of activities and techniques which is used for running a service of manufacturing operation. Even though the application of the activities and techniques differ, they have a similar underlying principle: the eradication of waste and every non-value-adding activity from the business (Abualfaraa et al., 2020). Lean production extends the concept of reducing waste to the entire supply chain and value stream. A company that applies lean production to the maximum cannot achieve the full potential if it is not working collaboratively with the subcontractors and non-lean suppliers. The method removes defects products, prevent overutilization of the raw materials, reduced the waiting time, which increases the cost of productions, and reduces non-utilized talents. The present marketplace is changing rapidly due to competition and companies are under great pressure to adopt sustainable systems regarding maintaining a healthy balance amid social, economic, as well as environmental performances (Abualfaraa et al., 2020). The use of the lean-green manufacturing strategy has gained popularity because it reduces the impact of business on the environment and also focuses on customer demands

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