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Sample Test Of How General Electric Does Its Business (Coursework Sample)


This was a sample test of how general electric does its business


General Electric (GE) Metric Report
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A business metric report is the quantifiable used for the assessment of a given company’s process of doing business. The success or failure of the business is determined after quantitatively analyzing its structures with an aim of tracking cost management. Once a company sets its long-term goals and objectives, the progress can only be established through a certain measure using the metrics.
General Electric had the following in its Metric Report: Workforce and idea development, governance and Environment Health and Safety. The company had planned to recruit and hire 5,000 veterans, by the end of Financial Year 2015, 4,686 had already been hired. On governance, The Company planned to train legacy Alstom employees on the General Electric compliance program requirements. 91 leaders had been trained within 90 days after close.
On environment health and safety, some of the goals of General Electric included continuous reduction in recordable illness and injuries, days away from work or the rate of injuries while on duty, zero work related fatalities, and continuous reduction in natural events that may slow production process as well as the pollution of the natural environment. According to the company’s records, these goals were met as follows: Recordable illnesses and injuries reduced by 41% by 2015, Incident rates also reduced by 14%.
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