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Mass Media Influence on Peoples Ideas Coursework Assignment (Coursework Sample)


the mass media has a great influence on the people's perception of several factors, which shapes their ideas. Discuss


Mass Media Influence on People’s Ideas
Mass Media Influence on People’s Ideas
The mass media, which is majorly inclusive of television, radio, and newspaper, are reported to have an influence on people’s thoughts. Their popularity among the world’s population is among the leading reasons behind the media’s influence on people. The accessibility to the mass media is another reason people’s thoughts are influenced by the same. Several aspects such as the observation and knowledge acquired from reading influence people’s minds. The mass media has proven to furnish its audience with the material to view and learn from, which has a great influence on them. Clearly, the mass media has a great influence on the people’s perception of several factors, which shapes their ideas.
Politics, racism, poverty, and wars are among the primary world problems adversely affecting the people globally. The problems unfold in different regions, but their occurrences are reported all around the world. The mass media are among the main channels through which such news is spread from one region to the other. People who did not have an idea of the problems are notified of the existence of the complications through the mass media. In such a case, the mass media have a significant impact on their audience through the problems they present to them. For example, the media have reported on terrorist activities originating from various Arab countries such as Afghanistan. In turn, people’s mentalities are shaped to think that Arabs are terrorists, which is a false line of thought. The Arab Spring was a chain of revolutions fuelled by the mass media. Nations participating in the Arab Spring learned of the revolution through the mass media. Consequently, the information encouraged riots in countries that were previously unaware of the uprisings.
The material supplied through the mass media has a strong influence on the community. The society has embraced and trusted the mass media as a source of information. For instance, adverts are used to lure customers to purchase goods and services. They are best delivered to the potential customers through the mass media, for example, in the newspapers and radio. The potential clients’ thoughts are influenced in the event of dispensing the advert information to the public (Randal, 2010). The mass media supplies vital and convincing information to the public, which has a high probability of influencing their perception of different products and services. Thus, the media is instrumental in changing peoples’ thoughts on various matters.
Children are highly vulnerable to different influences, including those of the mass media. Information acquired from the media is bound to change the children’s thoughts, for example, through the movies. As such, the movie producers are keen enough to state the appropriate age for the viewers. The aim is to keep the children away from the negative influence of the mass media, which is a clear sign that the mater...
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