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Discussion on Premises Creative Writing Coursework (Coursework Sample)


this paper is about Discussion on Premises by Evaluating truth and validity exercise
Explain your assessment and add alternative argumentation where necessary


Discussion on Premises
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This essay will discuss some philosophical arguments. One of the arguments is whether having great wealth is a worthy goal because it is difficult to attain and many famous people have pursued it. Another is whether power must be evil because it can corrupt people. Lastly, a mature person is self-directing, so parents who make all their children’s decisions for them are doing their offspring a disservice. I will disseminate the arguments fully by trying to identify any hidden premises, exposing all parts of the argument however complex. I will examine all the arguments for errors affecting truth, playing the devil’s advocate so to speak, so as to challenge the arguments. That will be followed by examination of the arguments for validity errors so as to determine if my conclusion is legitimate or illegitimate.
Having great wealth is a worthy goal because it is difficult to attain and many famous people have pursued it.
The statement assumes that anyone who has great wealth found it difficult to achieve. One can make the deduction that anyone who has achieved great wealth is famous. One can also say that it is good to pursue wealth because it is not easy to achieve it since only a few can be wealthy, so it heightens your sense of achievement. In conclusion, it can be stated that anything difficult to attain and pursued by famous people is a worthy goal.

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