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Sample Interview Creative Writing Coursework Paper (Coursework Sample)


What’s Killing American Black Infants?
FALL 2019
“Gender and the Military”
Write-up of an interview with someone who has served in the military (whether past or present; family members are acceptable and in fact encouraged as subjects).
The person you interview does NOT have to have served in the American military. ANY military is acceptable and even welcome.
You can also interview a scholar, professor, head of the ROTC (Reserve Officers Training Corps) at LMU, or a student member of ROTC, etc.
You are asked to identify, at the start: the subject’s name, age, branch of Service and length of Service.
Then answer the following questions by asking the subject:
1) Why did you join the military (or what made you interested in the subject)? (Family members? Social circumstances? Etc.).
2) Describe 2-3 memorable events or experiences during your period of Service.
3) Was your time in the Service positive, negative, or both, and why---with some SPECIFICS---in other words, not just “good” or “bad,” but why (themes such as patriotism, or belief in the mission, or what you learned personally from being in the military, or what discrimination you may have suffered---all of this referring to the subject, of course, not you, the writer).
4) How do you (the interviewee) feel about changes in the military on gender---from Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell to now; on the subject of transgender persons serving in the military; and on women in the military as well as women in combat.
5) FOR YOU, THE WRITER: How did this experience affect you? How did it differ, or not, from what you expected?
Try to summarize but also use quotes for Answers to 1-4.
Consider this somewhat creative and a learning experience in what may be personal terms.


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Subject Name: Georgina Manamba
Age: 37
Branch of Service: The Navy
Length of service: Ten years
Reason for joining the military
The military is a career that upholds patriotisms as there are immense sacrifices one has to make for his or her country. Any career line has economic merits from it, which is estimated by the wages one attains from engaging in the career. Of course, being in the military would provide a significant income, but the love for my country was the critical steering force that pushed me into the army. As well, most of the close social associates belong to the military. Starting from my parents to my own siblings, the military has been our main point of focus. I would say the desire to join the military was installed in me from the very beginning I began interacting with my close relatives who served the nation by being in the military. I appeared to be an enjoyable task; this latter made be to join the military career with all my wits.
Memorable events during the time of service
During the inversion of the harbor by a terrorist group, I recall the heated bullet exchanges we had with the terrorist. It was our role to cover up the port and ensure these unlawful individuals do not take the gold resources we had been assigned to guard as the Navy wing. It was a narrow escape since these guys had superior weapons than what we had. Before they could outdo us, the air-force military demand came to our rescue, and we managed to suppress the terrorists.

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