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Decision Making: Need For Managers To Make An Effective Judgment (Coursework Sample)


THE paper gives a description of the IMPORTANCE of decision making. it EXPLAINS the need for MANAGERS to make an effective judgment when it comes to critical matters.


Effective Decision Making
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Effective Decision Making
The expectation of a company is for the manager to make good decisions pertaining the running of activities and the welfare of employees in and out of the firm. Ideally, this is paramount for any institution that has experienced immense growth and is in need of hiring more consultants and support staff. A systematic approach such as the Vroom-Yetton decision model brings out consistency and helps reach the most effective outcome.
As the manager, the decision of whether or not to implement a flex time with all consultant relies on a certain number of issues. First all obtaining necessary information from the subordinates will be key towards making the decision. Ideally, team commitment is a key pillar towards the success of any organization, therefore, the participation of the stakeholders towards this activity will enhance togetherness and a feeling of belonging. Collaborative process will help reduce conflicts arising from employees and also enhance unity (Fernandes, 2009).
The other issue will be the time required to make the decision. Essentially, the issue at hand is an urgent one and therefore acting quickly will be important for growth continuity. Time is of the essence for any profit making institution and therefore everyone might not be consulted but the decision made will be favorable to all. Basically, a number of consultants will be consulted about the issue and a final circular will be released for all employees of the company (Fernandes, 2009).
The quality of the decision will be considered before any action is taken. It is always important for a manager to make judgments that are of high standards and acceptable to all, therefore, making the right decision will be critical. Such a process will require the use of a large number of resources, for instance, taking into account time, views from outside observers, and information about

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