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Education paper Education Coursework Research Essay (Coursework Sample)


1) Language and Symbols
Think about how language (e.g., idioms used by students/teachers) and symbols (e.g., electrical symbols in science) can be difficult for students with special needs.
Reflect on text you have provided to students and how well students can activate prior knowledge.
3)Taking Action
Research how you might make curricular materials accessible to all of your students.
4) Case Study
Read Case 9: My Learning Problems Won’t Quit (Hutchinson, 2004). Using the UDL guidelines, what would you do to support the student and teacher?


Module 6: Assignment
Student Name
December 18, 2020
Referencing Style: APA / Word Count: 1537
Module 6: Assignment
Question One: Language and Science
Learners with special needs experience numerous challenges when learning language and science. The following strategies could support learners with special needs when learning language and symbols.
The first strategy involves referencing the literal meaning of idioms and symbols during learning. Educators should explain what idiomatic expressions constitute, each time providing sufficient accompanying examples (Duran, 2020). The learning sessions should be expedited at the pace of the students. As such, educators should give few idioms per day and repeat them daily to foster comprehension among learners. The learners could also share examples of idioms in their ordinary communication in order to strengthen learning outcomes. According to Duran (2020), engaging students in identifying common concepts during a learning session fosters comprehension. Essentially, lessons on idioms or symbols could start with what they already know as they move to the unknown.
Secondly, the teacher can tell students stories that incorporate idioms. The teacher should explain the meaning of idiomatic expressions used in the story to boost the student’s comprehension. The students should also share stories that use the idioms learned in class to foster engagement during learning. Chaos (2020) argued that when students practice idioms during class sessions, they become more attentive and have a strong desire to learn the language. Once they are focused on the teacher, they can use idioms while giving the story and explaining the meaning of idioms therein. The teacher could support learning by helping the students understand how and when the idioms are used. The educator could also search for idioms used in standard communication and explain it to the learners (CAST, 2018).

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