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Design and Selection of Solar Panel and Panel (Coursework Sample)


This is a masters student maintenance engineering exam


Maintenance engineering exam

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Design and selection of solar panel and panel

  1. 1.      Definition of the problem

 Solar power is an essential solution for energy crisis. Most of the solar powers installed are on the roof tops . a typical solar power consist of solar panel and a mount.

 Solar panels can be mounted in different ways and before designing   mounting system it is important to find determine the best way it. They are two commonly used mounting systems: they include triangle mount and single pole mount. For the triangle mount, a triangle structure is used to support solar panels while for the single pole, one pole is used for holding panel up to the center. 

  For this report we are designing a solar panel structure and pole for supporting solar panels. Our material selected is light, strong, stiff and cheap.


To design a cheap, strong, stiff, and light mounting post for 160 Watt solar.


Material costs

Solar panel specifications.

N/B: The mounting post used in the design is a reinforced PVC

Mounting system.

In phase transformation of the Ti-6Al-4V, there exists three phases: α, β(H), and d. From the diagram, hydrogen is annealed at 9000C mark. It is also notable that temperatures 8500C and 9000C are higher than the beta-transfer temperatures. 

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