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Reading Smoke and Company Operations. Engineering Coursework (Coursework Sample)


Reading Smoke and Company Operations
The future of the fire event is in the smoke. For this Assignment, review the resources listed below about reading smoke.
Resource 1: Reading Smoke: The First Step in Safe Decisions
NFFF. (2015, January 9). Reading Smoke: The First Step in Safe Decisions [Video File]. Retrieved from
Video Transcript
Resource 2: Smoke Signals Determine Strategies and Tactics
Ballam, E. (2012, May 4). Smoke Signals Determine Strategies and Tactics. Firehouse. Retrieved from
Resource 3: Reading Smoke and Go/No-Go Decisions
Tippett, J. B. (2012, April 1). Reading Smoke and Go/No-Go Decisions. FireRescue. Retrieved from
Resource 4: Winston Salem Fire Department
Artistry Photography. (2014, February 4). Winston Salem Fire Department, Team work at it's best!! [Video File]. Retrieved from
Assignment Details
After reading the resources and viewing the video write a 4–5-page paper (excluding the title page and references page) that discusses the following:
Identify four attributes about smoke and what these attributes can tell you about fires in residential structures.
Explain why these attributes are important and how they can help you effectively utilize resources, including the deployment of personnel and equipment and methods of the application of extinguishing agents.
Explain how attributes about smoke can help you identify future fire events.
Regarding the Winston Salem video, what are the initial fire and smoke conditions? What do these conditions tell you about the “future of the event”? Discuss the strategy and tactics used at this fire. Do you agree with them?
What would your initial IAP be and your strategy and tactics?
Paper Format
The paper is to be completed in APA format.
Page length is 4–5 pages of text. This does not include the title page or the references section


Reading Smoke
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The ability to read smoke is gaining headway in contemporary society, a topic that has assisted firefighters in predicting the various fire behaviors within a structure. Over the last years, the fire officers handling the fire epidemic in America has adopted in using their abilities to read smoke. In the early ’70s, the firefighting professionals had already perfected their skills in combating such disasters; the tacticians felt that their ability to read smoke was because of experience and intuitiveness, not all of which could be taught instead attained from repetitive practice at actual fire disaster events. Conversely, the skills previously smoke does not apply to the current fire tragedies; this because the fire environment has become more volatile, the firefighter's experience has since diminished as they respond to fewer cases, and due to low-mass synthetics. It is essential that firefighters are taught on how to rapidly interpret smoke coming out from buildings to come up with appropriate tactical choices. For instance, the first-due officer in a position to read smoke can come up with better decisions about aggressive fire attacks or search and rescue priorities. The following article captures the importance of reading smoke and how the later has assisted the fire officers in coming up with quick decisions on the fire-ground.

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