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Analysis of the Internal Environment of the Company (Coursework Sample)


Analysis of a company. Both external and internal factors, challenges and recommendations to improve on the company

HCL Technologies Company is a global IT services company with its headquarters in Noida, India. It became an independent company in 1991, after being a subsidiary of HCL Enterprise for years. According to “The Economic times, 2015” the company majored mainly on software services businesses when it started but has since widen its business base
HCL technologies offers the following services: Business process outsourcing; remote infrastructure management services; Engineering and R&D Enterprise transformation; IT consulting; Cybersecurity; Digital & Analytics; DRYiCE among others. For example, in the United Kingdom, there is an automation business branch (HCL, about us, 2010).
HCL technologies has expanded over the last number of years and now it has branches in over 34 countries including and not limited to: Germany, United Kingdom, United States and France. The company with time embraced cross sector operation to include: consumer electronics; media and entertainment; industrial manufacturing; healthcare; mining; transportation; aerospace and defense, server and storage; public services; financial services among others (NDTV profit, 2015).
Currently, HCL Technologies is among the largest companies in India and the world. As of 31 December 2017, the company had a revenue collection of over USD 7.4 billion (HCL Technologies, 2017). Interestingly, the company is on the Forbes Global 2000 list. The company is also listed with the National Stock Exchange and the Bombay stock exchange of India. The company has over 72,000 employees from all over the world and partners with over 1000 other firms, including but not limited to IT and Technology firms.
Analysis of the Internal Environment of the Company
The internal environment of any business or company is composed of the elements within the company that affects the operations of the company. In HCL technologies’ we find the following:
Just like it is with any other company, at the heart of HCL technologies, are their employees. Employees are key to the day to day running of a company’s operations in addition to ensuring customer satisfaction. In July 2005, the company introduced a program dubbed “Employee first, customer second.” The program was run for five years and was aimed at putting the employee at the center of every strategy and decision the company makes. The initiative was also aimed at improving employees’ professional and personal growth. This motivated the workers to also work towards the organization’s growth. With over 70000 employees, the company has enough man power to run its operations. However, there have been cries of some employees having nothing in particular to do.
Moreover, management and generally the leadership of the company is a key factor towards the growth of the company. So far so good, the management has done all it takes to ensure progressive growth of the company and to make it even more competitive. The leadership of the company includes the chairman and founder, board or directors and business executives. The management adopted a culture called Ideapreneurship that places employees at the forefront of innovation. This saw the organization reaping big from innovations and initiatives of employees. Under this culture, the company top leadership ceased from giving orders but rather considered themselves just as stimulators of the progress of the company.
Analysis of the External Environment of the Company
Keith Davis defines external environment as, ‘’the aggregates of all conditions, events and influences that surrounds a business’’ (Saleem Shaikh, 2010). The external environment refers to those factors that though are not in direct control of the business, directly influence the working of the business. Here, are some of the external environment factors of HCL technologies:
Customers and customer relation is another external environment that the company is giving a lot of priority. Like it is with any business, customer satisfaction is at the center of this company. A lot of initiatives have been in place to ensure customer satisfaction. This runs from the move by the company to partner with several other firms in other countries to employing the best professionals. The partnership of the company with other firms in other countries and opening of its branch offices in those very countries is key to ensuring that the services get closer to the ever growing number of customers. Secondly, the staff are highly talented and trained to give customers their best. Additionally, the staffs are friendly to any customer that visits their offices. With automation of work, customer services is quick and takes a very short time. Again, there is a lot of advertisement in the local and international media on the services at the company, this helps in informing the customers in addition to helping them make informed choices. Lastly on this, the company’s culture of ideapreneurship has improved greatly customer relation with the company. More to that, low cost offshore delivery model plus compliance with international quality standards have made this company a darling of many customers worldwide.
Another important external environment of this company is Technology. Like it is with every firm, to remain competitive, the company must invest heavily on technology and also appreciate the emerging trends. According to my assessment of the company, it has tried to improve its technological base by adopting several mechanisms. Through HCL technologies tie up with Orion Edutech, the company benefits by recruiting more talented and trained professionals. This will go a long way to improve on the management of technology and adds to the technological advice as far as new advances in technology is concerned. For example, the company embraced an IT strategy to ensure proper communication with its customers, employers and even partners. IT technology is key to making clear and effective IT development decisions (M. Earl, 1993).
The political environment in India is very friendly. With the low taxation, there is an open window for growth of the company. This coupled with few regulatory restrictions and political good will towards business, the company faces little hassle from the government and the political elites.
Competition is another external factor that the company has managed to transform from being a threat to an opportunity. HCL technologies face stiff competition from firms providing the same services worldwide. For example, HCL Technologies faces a very stiff competition from TCS Company, which is one of the best global companies in software business services. Other competitors of HCL technologies include: Wipro Corporation, Tata consultancy services limited, International Business Machines Corporation and Cognizant Technology Solutions Corporation (Data Monitor, 2010). However, the company has managed to compete favorably with them by engaging in tie ups and partnership with companies providing the same services to even come out stronger.
The company leadership embraced the culture of Ideapreneurship that places the employees at the core of every decision making process and innovation. This, apart from enhancing the employees’ professional and personal growth, has worked greatly in improving the growth of the company. The chairman together with the top leadership of the company only plays a role as stimulators of progress while the employees take the initiative. This has led to a feeling of ownership among the employees.
The company has a lot of competitors, just like we have indicated above, but has managed to compete favorably with them. In India, HCL is among the best companies and managed to even feature in Forbes Global 2000 list. The company is also listed with the National Stock Exchange and the Bombay stock exchange of India.
The company has a good number of workforce. However, according to some employees, they don’t have a specified role. The company should therefore move in to have job specification and categorization. This will help the company to improve on its efficiency. The company registers a good number of its professional employees being poached by its competitors. The company should therefore work out a mechanism of retaining most of its talented and well trained employees. The management of the company, as much as they appreciate the culture of Ideapreneurship, should tighten their supervisory role on their employees so has to ensure every employee remains focused. The company also needs to develop a framework to improve its operations. It should also develop an assessment every quarter of the year to assess the progress being made.
The company being an Indian company, still appreciates the hierarchical nature of the Indian culture. So much even as it appreciates the company’s culture of ideapreneurship, the managers and the top leadership are not to be questioned by the other employees. This is a culture that the organization must drop.
In getting the right clients, the company identifies the clients by answering the question which is the right client they need. The company aims to get more client base but is also careful to make profit.
The company has several initiatives in place to help it make more profits and to improve its competitiveness in the world market. However, there are still some recommendations on the need to improve on some areas. Below are a few recommendations on improving its efficiency:
1. The leadership should embrace a multicultural approach in management in addition to appreciating the role of other employees and allowing their decision to count. Furthermore, the management should get back to the culture of ideapreneurship and fully allow the employees to be in charge.
2. Being i...
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