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Analyzing Tones of a Literature (Coursework Sample)


Assignment 1
What is the author's tone here? Serious? Satirical? Mocking?
Do you think, regardless of whether you are a dog lover, he makes any good points here?
How would you improve the article if you were his editor?


Assignment 1
Question 1
Upon reading the story, one realizes that the author’s tone is mocking. Clearly, the author is making fun of dogs in a nasty way. From the outset, readers can see that the author states that he hates dogs. Nonetheless, the author also describes his negative opinion for dogs and the owners who believe that everyone loves dogs. He complains of the absence of responsibility among dog owners who let their dogs run ramped through places where dogs are not wanted. I believe that this mocking tone forms the foundation for the author’s expression of his opinion which lacks supporting reasons and is largely formulates upon personal bias. The author’s article is a screed against the assumption that all people must love dogs and is written in such an attitude that is not only mocking, but can also be said to be spiteful. For instance, when he says that dogs have attained dominion over urban America, such a statement is not only a form of mockery, but also spiteful in that this author has already stated that he hates dogs (Manjoo, 2013). More specifically, the article can reasonably be said to be an opinion piece as well as full of trolling.
Question 2
In my opinion, I believe that the assertions made by the author are biased and lack good supporting points. For instance, the author’s arguments against dogs are not arranged in any logical manner appear to be more of a rant that strong arguments that can be considered (Manjoo, 2013). In particular, I see the one-sided opinion of the author to be inconsiderate of the benefits of having pet dogs. His assertions are hard on anybody who keeps dogs and I see this as a point to disagree with him. In doing so, the author possibly can get a few people to agree with him, but he also appears to be repellant to anyone with a neutral opinion towards his view on dogs. His arguments hold no water and are rather irritating. For instance, when he claims that no explanation was offered for the presence of the dog in the gym, he is evidently irritating those who go everywhere with the pets that they love.
Question 3
In order to improve this article I would ask the author to use third person perspective as it would reduce the amount of bias featuring on this article. It is evident that by the use of first person, the author has assumed that the readers have had similar experiences as his and that the

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