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The Business Continuity Management Policy (Coursework Sample)


Using the resources provided and the project description, complete the policy template that you created in Unit 3 to draft a business continuity management policy appropriate to cover the functional areas related to operational management for the project organization.
Ensure that the following information is covered in the policy language proposed:
Factors that are included within the scope and range of a business continuity management policy.
Roles and responsibilities that are involved with the various activities included in the policies.
Application of contextual characteristics specific to the project organization.
Policy noncompliance procedures and penalties.


Business Continuity Management Policy
Student’s Name
Institution’s Affiliation
Business Continuity Management Policy
In the past years the implementation by companies of good corporate management procedures to comply with necessary standards established by Basel II, Combined Code and Sarbanes Oxley has cultivated the need to adopt business continuity management. Moreover, even for the companies which are not interested in implementing such legislations and directives, there is ethical and moral imperative to make sure the welfare of the staff is well safeguarded and the continuity of the business in future in secured incase unthinkable scenario occurs in contemporary’s uncertain environment (Snedaker, 2007). In regards to the Business Continuity Institute, Business Continuity Management is considered to be a holistic process of management that recognizes potential threats to the institution and the effects to operation of business for which such threats, if identified, can cause, and which gives a plan on establishing resilience of the organization with the mandate for efficient response that secures the interest of its major reputation, value – creating activities, brand and stakeholders.
The purpose of the policy is to highlight Business Continuity Management (BCM) guiding strategies, responsibility and plans for High Class Healthcare organization to efficiently establish and achieve its strategic BCM objectives during times of crisis. The entire aim of business continuity management of the High Class Healthcare is to maintain its healthcare operations in disease diagnosis and treatment, responsibilities and working in environmental responsible and safe manner, where possible (Burtles & Noakes-Fry, 2016). The main objective of business continuity management is to make sure that during the time of crisis or incident situation:
* The business operations of the High Class Healthcare must be able to recover logically.
* Effects will be maintained within acceptable margins as stipulated by the departmental representatives of the business.
* Business operations will resume as usual as soon as possible.
The business continuity management policy will tackle planning priorities such as:
* Health and safety of the staffs
* Assets safeguarding.
* Continuity of major business operations.
* Environment protection.
* Cash flow maintenance.
* Obligations fulfillments.
It is the business continuity management policy of the High Class Healthcare to:
* Keep a plan for responding to, and recovering from a contrary incident which falls within the level of risk acceptability of the senior management of the firm.
* Keep a program of events which guarantees the organization the capability of reacting appropriately to, and recovering from, a contrary situations that falls within the objective of the business continuity.
* Keep appropriate reacting plans supported by efficient escalation process.
* Exercise recovery and response plans at least annually.
* Maintain resilience level to business operation failure within the risk encountered. Besides, maintain negative impact level that could arise from failure and level of acceptable risk of senior management.
* Maintain the awareness of the employees on the expectation of the organization on them during business continuity threatening or emergency situation.
* Take responsibility of changing operational and business needs and confirm business continuity plans and response plans are reviewed where applicable.
* Keep aligned with the business continuity management practices.
Roles and responsibilities
All the High Class Healthcare employees, with exception of nobody, including contract and temporary workers are subjected to this policy. Hence, all the workers have the responsibility of informing their departmental Business Continuity managers or the High Class Healthcare Business Continuity manager of any future potential threat to business operation of the company.
BCM sponsor
The sponsor of this BCM is the Chief Operating Officer. The sponsor plays a major role of encouraging Business Continuity culture and anticipations throughout the organization.
BCM Steering Group
The sponsor of the BCM is represented by a Steering Group of business continuity consisting of the repsentatives from each department of the organization. The group has the role of monitoring the sustainability advancement of the BCM and the supporting strategies throughout the firm, by pragmatic and effective means.
BCM Owner
The steering group and the sponsor gives support and guidance to Facility Management and the Director who is not only the chair of the steering group but also the BCM Owner. The owner is responsible for confirming the BC planning relevance, key staff’s competencies in not only implementing procedures but also adequate BC expectation awareness throughout the organization.
Business Impact Analysis
Critical business operations will be highlighted and relevant resources identified to maintain these operations running efficiently. Such analysis will be practiced over time to account for the changing business operations of the High Class Healthcare organization.
Risk Assessment
The assessment of potential threats that could hammer key business operations of the firm should be identified and necessary cost justified mitigations be established and implemented to curb such threats and minimize the probability of them occurring in the first place.
Business Continuity Plans and Strategy
Business operations shall continue in the situation of entire loss of data, information, contents, infrastructure and assets through utilization of unaffected data centers along with the operation recovery sites protected in a contract agreement. Business continuity plans and emergency response plans will guarantee effective management of incidents and for smoother r

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