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Creation of Public Health System in Hopkins Park Central Illinois (Coursework Sample)


As you have learned, public health can be a dynamic force in a population if it is utilized correctly and managed appropriately. Using the information below, your final project is to create a public health system to serve the population given. You are the head of this new office and are able to establish your mission, vision, and values statements. You also are in charge of creating relationships, assessing community needs, and implementing plans that will make a difference. You will be given a total budget, but information on the community, what health entities currently exist, and key stakeholders in the community is your reasonability to find.
Areas that Must Be Addressed:
• The relationship you will establish between your office and the state public health agencies.
• The relationship and assistance you will provide to local healthcare providers.
• Public safety programs you will create.
• Human service and charity organizations you will create or engage.
• Education and youth development organizations you will create or engage.
• Recreation and arts-related organizations you will create or engage.
• Economic and philanthropic organizations you will create or engage.
• Environmental agencies and organizations you will create or engage.
• How your budget was allocated.
• Challenges in setting up and running an office for this population.
Your population is located in Central Illinois and within a township called Pembroke. Its largest village is known as Hopkins Park and is where your new public health office will be located. To start you on your research I have provided some links below to help you obtain some of the needed information regarding your new population: Pembroke. and Hopkins Park .Recall that the PowerPoint used in Week Five’s discussion has a wonderful breakdown of public health system duties, specifically slides 49-51. (Attached in separate word document)


Creation of Public Health System in Hopkins Park Central Illinois
Student’s Name
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Rosen states that public health involves the protection and maintenance of health in a community by promoting healthy lifestyles, detecting and dealing with diseases (2015). The overall objective of public health is to ensure the well-being of an entire population by preventing the recurrence of diseases and formulating health policies that improve population health (Turnock, 2016). The public health system will be created to ensure that diseases are prevented in the population and life is prolonged. The success of public health can only get achieved by the partnership and proper organization whether private, public or community agencies. This paper seeks to incorporate the public data and information of Central Illinois to assist in designing a public health agency. The public health system creation will involve the identification of existing agencies and organization that it can work with to bring overall health improvement in Central Illinois and particularly Hopkins Park. The name of the public health office will be Brighter Life Health Care, and this design will develop all the necessary engagements for the office to begin working.

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