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Critique and Summary. Research paper on racial discrimination (Coursework Sample)


The paper is an analysis and critique of a research paper on racial discrimination.


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Summarize the study including the population of interest. Include the implications of the work upon the health disparity today.
The study in context was conducted with the main objective of investigating the racial disparities that existed among people of different origins in the U.S. (Haque, Faysel, & Khan, 2010). The study was conducted on various U.S. hospitals as well as insurance schemes (Haque, Faysel, & Khan, 2010). In the hospitals, the study sought to investigate on medical procedures with regard to their administration to people of different origins. The study scores well as it not only looks into the Whites and Blacks in the U.S. population as other many studies have done; it incorporates Blacks, Whites, Hispanics, Pacific Islanders, Native Americans and Asians (Haque, Faysel, & Khan, 2010).
The study employs effective methods and techniques. This begins from the extraction of data from credible sources. A data source like the Nationwide Inpatient Sample (NIS) is a credible one as it provides data on all national hospitals. The study also sought to base its research on various medical procedures. These were procedures to assist labor, diagnostic cardiac catheterization, coronary arteriography, repair of current obstetric laceration, upper gastrointestinal endoscopy, biopsy, cesarean section, respiratory intubation and mechanical ventilation and fetal monitoring (Haque, Faysel, & Khan, 2010). The comprehensive selection of medical procedures earns the study more credibility as opposed to many others, which have only dwelt on a few procedures, or even a single one.
The study conclusively comes up with results that carry their main findings. It is evidently true that the white population is most favored of all the other races (Haque, Faysel, & Khan, 2010). The study found that Whites were significantly more likely to receive three of the study procedures than Blacks, three of the study procedures than Hispanics, two of the study procedures than Asians or Pacific Islanders, and four of the procedures than Native Americans (Haque, Faysel, & Khan, 2010). The study, however, states, categorically, that the disparity gap among the different races studied has narrowed over the years. This is as compared to previous studies.
Explain your impression of the validity of the information/evidence presented and the potential for reducing and/or eliminating the disparity addressed.
This study is a copacetic one. First, because it relies on credible information; credibility in that it is from the most resourceful source NIS. The data provided has further been broken down and sampled for the purpose of the study. The study then gets into the evaluation and analysis of the data. There is a systematic scrutiny and calculation of parameters into valid results. There is proper tabulation which when seconded by the correct statistical methods gives the study an appealing outcome.
The study has related its objectives, methods, results and conclus...
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