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Cardiac CT Angiography (Coursework Sample)


this task involved the study of the non-invasive stress testing method. the Cardiac Ct angiography helps determine external causes of heart attacks like emotional stress


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Cardiac CT Angiography, a tool for Cardiac Stress Testing
Coverage of cardiac CT angiography (CCTA) is a possible competitive diagnostic tool which could affect volumes of cardiac stress testing. Cardiac stress test are performed to assess the ability of blood flow or to measure the ability of the heart towards responding to external stress in a controlled environment. It is used to evaluate the presence of influences of emotional stresses which may lead to heart attacks.
Due to technological advancements, Cardiac CT angiography has been developed and remained appropriate t for cardiac stress testing. It is a non-invasive imaging technology that has the ability of providing pictures with details of organs and tissues within a patient’s body. It main focus is the heart and its surrounding vessels. The images it provides are used by physicians to help in the diagnosis of heart diseases and to provide an estimate of the likelihood of future heart attack. Cardiac CT angiography assists physicians in the treatment of heart diseases and determines the effectiveness of the current treatments. I addition, it may prevent the need for more invasive diagnosis (Hollander JE et al, 2007)
This study is based upon financial implications of adding an in-office nuclear cardiac stress lab to cardiology practice. It encompasses all aspects of healthcare finance including calculating revenue for procedures, estimating payer mix, actual reimbursement, bad debts, determination of capital and operating expenditures, contribution margin per producer, as well as, break-even volume for the venture. It encompasses compliance issues such as the coverage requirements and the stark physician self-referral laws relevant to the practice.
In planning for CCTA, there are many variations in policies making it difficult to predict the reimbursement level it may require. It is important to know the payment rates, even though some carriers have made their applicable rates in publications (Meijboom et al, 2008). With the current predictions that Medicare payments are likely to increase, more facilities will be required and the cost will continue to rise. Therefore, to limit the overall expenditures, local rates must change over time.
Most group physicians are for profit making, hence are subjected to tax. In the income tax, there should be a 33% of federal income tax rate and a 5% state income tax rate and a 2% local income tax rate. On the revenue tab of the project spread sheet, there should be the payer mix, payment terms, bad debt estimates which are necessary in the calculation of the gross revenues. The payer section includes; Medicare, Medicaid, BlueCross/Blue Shield, Aetna, Cigna, United Healthcare, Other commercial, Workers Comp, Self pay, and Charity care. The expenses will include staffing patterns and costs.
The capital expenditure will identify the dual headed nuclear camera, hot lab renovations, some additional plumbing, electrical and data cabling, treadmill and exam table, computer equipments and structural innovations. The expenses will include operating...
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