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Research Assignments Set One: Folklore (Coursework Sample)


the task was to answer a number of questions about Folklore. the sample provides the answers to the questions together with the questions.


Research Assignments Set One: Folklore
One: What are the names of the Grimm Brothers? Where are they from? What are their dates of birth and dates of death?
Grimm Brothers names are Wilhelm Carl Grim and Jacob Ludwig Carl Grimm. They were from Germany. Wilhelm Grim was born February 24th the year 1786 and died on December 16th the year 1859 while Jacob Grimm was born on January 4th the year 1785 and died on September 20th the year 1863 (Art Branch Inc, n.d). Where did they get their stories?
The Grimm brothers travelled across Germany gathering all the fairy tales that they heard and wrote them down in a book so that they would not be forgotten. They had been gathering fairy tales from the Hesse people since the beginning of the 1800s. What was their first collection called and when was it published? Their first collection entitled “Children’s and Household Tales” was published in the year 1812. How and where did you find these answers? Using Google search with the search words “Where are the Grimm Brothers from” and “What were the names of the Brothers Grimm” provided the answers to the questions. Two: Who wrote The Uses of Enchantment? Bruno Bettelhein What do you think the central idea of the book is? The central idea of the book is that fairy tales, above all the other literary forms are suited ideally to help children deal with growing up issues. The author presents the features that fairy tales have in common like the triumph of the young and formerly devalued individual over powerful enemies and severe hardships. Who wrote a musical based on the ideas in The Uses of Enchantment, and what is it called? The musical based on the ideas of The Uses of Enchantment was written by Stephen Sondheim and the musical is referred to as “Into the Woods.” How and where did you find these answers? The answers were arrived at using Google search and the questions as the search words. Bob Etier (2010) writing on the BC Blogs critics and The New York Times magazine formed the places that provided the answers (Brantley, 2012).
Three: Who wrote The Hero with a Thousand Faces? Joseph Campbell What do you think the central idea of the book is? The book is a comparative st...
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